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Preconceived Notions:  Quite honestly, I’ve just been too lazy to listen to this all the way through.  It’s another case of  “Marissa lost her ticket to the bandwagon” on this one.  When Oasis was at its height, I remember liking their singles, but never feeling the need to own the album.  A lot of people I knew owned it, and I’m sure I’ve heard most of the tracks before, just not necessarily in order.  I know that they’ve got a lot of Beatle-esque ambitions and a lot of Beatle-esque arrangements (there’s no point in denying it, the comparisons will always be there) and that they managed to beat out Blur for the favorite Brit post-grunge/not-bubblegum-wrapped-pop group, in the worldwide sales race.  Although I really hope that Blur’s “Parklife” is the extra-credit assignment.  I can’t remember whether or not it made it on my list for record club picks.

After Listening:
Wonderwall- I don’t think that there will ever be a time in my life where this doesn’t immediately take me back in time.  The string section is what made this one for me, along with the chorus, so easy to learn, so easy to sing along to.  I would have liked to hear this one live. The piano exit…the melancholy with a hint of “I’ll never regret it”, re-play please.

Don’t Look Back In Anger:  I just heard this at Borders and pretty much sang the entire song in an aisle, like a weirdo.  Could it be more influenced by John Lennon (the beginning is specifically “Imagine”)?  Still, I like it.

Is it just me or does “Some Might Say” sound kind of 80s?  Like it wouldn’t be so out of place in “The Wedding Singer”?

Cast No Shadow- this sounds like it’s trying to be this albums “A Day In the Life”.  It’s not nearly as good as that, but this is definitely a track I’d never heard before.  It’s ok.

She’s Electric- This sounds like a song that should be played during the credits of a Hugh Grant movie that was actually good.  You others may not believe that those movies exist, but I’m a pretty big fan of Notting Hill.  This sounds like it should have gone on that soundtrack.

Morning Glory:  I’ve also never heard this one before.  I’m much more of a fan of it than of the other not-heard-before tracks.

Champagne Supernova- This was never one of my favorites.  I’m not sure why.  It was one of their biggest singles, but it didn’t have the guts and soul of Wonderwall to me.  Plus it smacks of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.  I think this is the video I remember most though.

Overall: 3.8- There’s a lot of decent stuff going on, but I still can’t seem to connect to Oasis the way that others do.  I mean there are people I know who are obsessed.

It’s easy to listen to, extremely palatable, but it doesn’t feel quite as unique as it did when it was released, as I get older.  Or maybe it never was.  And I still can’t get past Liam Gallagher being a total jackass.

Favorite Track:  Wonderwall
Least Favorite:  Some Might Say/Cast No Shadow

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