Josh’s Musings – What’s The Story Morning Glory?

Oasis – Morning Glory: 3 stars

Precon: This was the first CD I ever bought. I listened to it a lot over the course of a year or two, to the point where it seemed played out, and haven’t revisited it since. Record Club to the rescue!

Favorite Track: Morning Glory (most energy)
Least Favorite: Cast No Shadow (most cheesy)

Oh my God, the lyrics are soooo bad. I didn’t realize it when I was 14 probably because they’re the kind of lyrics I would have written at that age. Now I find myself cringing. The music is pleasant, but the words are meaningless. And words are all they are for the most part. There’s no conviction behind them. Just a guy saying words with some vocal effects to make him sound cooler.
Wonderwall remains a classic, maybe because of all the drunken singalongs in college.
I didn’t realize Don’t Look Back in Anger ripped off Imagine back in the day.
Champagne Supernova always annoyed me withs its precious self seriousness. I like it a little better now.
Seems like they’re trying so hard to be rock stars but don’t have enough substance. Everything sounds pretty good when taken at face value, if a little unexciting at times, and they are able to take it to the next level on a few occasions, but overall they’re lacking something. The album is still a decent listen though, with some nice high points.

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