This Bookstore May Have Something Against the Blind and Elderly

I left today with a desire to do something personal, inspired by a you tube blogger named Kayley Hyde. Have a look at the simplicity of reminding yourself to stay optimistic. Maybe you will be inspired to do the same.

How adorable is she?

Anyways, after leaving work today I stopped by a bookstore and picked up my own little book to record my own version of “Why Today is Awesome”. I think it’ll be an interesting exercise, especially when I’m having a less than stellar day. Finding little bits of happiness are definitely worth it.

Of course, people are still spending holiday giftcards and returning things so I was left to wait in line for a few minutes. My eyes kept scanning the store that was visible to me. I paused momentarily and talked myself out of buying the KidRobot Simpsons blind boxes when I looked over at the reading glasses display and started laughing.

I immediately picked out two things wrong with this sign. How many did you find?

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Emerson College Goes GaGa!

Exactly a week ago, the Emerson College community uploaded their 9 minute LipDub to the Evvy’s YouTube Page. In one week they have surpassed 427,000 hits and have been mentioned by the ABC National News, made the front page of YouTube and finally strutted its way to me via a friend on the facebooks. This is absolutely amazing and makes me wish I either went to Emerson so that I could’ve been a small part of such a big undertaking. I would love to see what they do next year and if they want a photographer there to take some behind the scenes shots. #shamelessselfpromotion #hashtaggingoutoftwitter

From downtown Boston, The Emerson College community and The 30th Annual EVVY Awards presents their Lady Gaga LipDub!
Official Twitter Hashtag: #emersonlipdub

Charlie McDonnell Talks of Magic Mars Bars

This is the hypnotic Charlie in a Bathrobe bit. Wanna know which one of his videos it's from? Go watch them all before you ask me.

On Wednesday Charlie McDonnell, admittedly my favorite youtube video-blogger (yes I find him adorable), waxed philosophic on file sharing and the benefits/detriments of illegal sharing. Check out his site to see the video, but wait a second!

I’m curious as to your opinions on the matter. Leave a comment with your opinion then head over to the site and watch Charlie’s.

Also, Charlie has just released his very first album! Yay Charlie! Be sure to follow the links on his page, have a listen and then buy it if you like it!

Music of the Moment: Son of Dave

Recently, a friend had posted a few videos of this amazing artist on his facebook page. The videos blew my mind. In fact, here’s one. Start it up and either keep reading or groove out then continue.

Oh, and before I forget. Thank you Andrew. I LOVED watching the videos you had posted. You are pretty much my music soulmate.

Amazing, right? He reminds me a little of Tom Waits, without the throat issues. Yes, the video is a cover of the song by Dizee Rascak and Armand Van Heldon, but it shows you pretty much how this man works. A mixture of blues, hip-hop, alternative, and beatbox is what you have to look forward to when you treat yourself to the musical stylings of Son of Dave.

Son of Dave is the monikor that Benjamin Darvill assigned to his whirlwind performance art. A truly one man band, Son of Dave brings back the fun. In an era of autotune and remixes, these albums summon something that has been lacking in a lot of mainstream music… talent.

What makes this so impressive is that there is very little in the way of instrumental requirements. All Son of Dave needs is a harmonica, a looping machine, and a sturdy pair of boots. He creates his beats using whatever is around him and often times he switches from singing to harmonica to beatbox with little effort. I am positive that it is not as seamless and easy as he makes it look.

Benjamin Darvill is an artist. Whether it is in the crafting of his songs or the energy in his published writing for Stool Pigeon magazine, I am fucking hooked.

When I hear something impressive that shakes me to my core, I try to find out more about it. Apparently, Benjamin was a part of the Crash Test Dummies, but in 2000 he began to pursue his journey as Son of Dave.

Check him out at
Buy his stuff on his site or at

Here is one of his songs to close out this post, because it floors me every time I watch it.

Son of Dave – Old Times Were Good Times

… Hooked.