Emerson College Goes GaGa!

Exactly a week ago, the Emerson College community uploaded their 9 minute LipDub to the Evvy’s YouTube Page. In one week they have surpassed 427,000 hits and have been mentioned by the ABC National News, made the front page of YouTube and finally strutted its way to me via a friend on the facebooks. This is absolutely amazing and makes me wish I either went to Emerson so that I could’ve been a small part of such a big undertaking. I would love to see what they do next year and if they want a photographer there to take some behind the scenes shots. #shamelessselfpromotion #hashtaggingoutoftwitter

From downtown Boston, The Emerson College community and The 30th Annual EVVY Awards presents their Lady Gaga LipDub!

Official Twitter Hashtag: #emersonlipdub