Why I Love Hyperbole and a Half (aka @AllieBrosh is Awesome)

Sometimes I look at webpages and think “I totally could have written this. Why am I not as well known as [insert name here]?” It is a habit of mine. Constantly comparing where I am to where someone else is. I think that’s the nature of the blogging beast. Everyone with a public website wants to be viewed. They want the opportunity to share their foibles and funny and sometimes downright melancholy hoping to have someone post a comment. I like comments. They brighten my day.
(Oh, and FYI… If you have a blog, leave a comment and check “COMMENT LUV” and it will link to your latest post!)

But I digress.

This post is actually for one of my favorite blogs out there, Hyperbole and a Half.

The creator, Allie Brosh, is one of the most imaginative wordsmiths online. Every time she posts something new, it feels like there is a gift waiting for me in my RSS Reader.

Allie’s writing is extremely well thought out and she fully captures┬ámy attention (and my attention span is about 140 characters). The stories are all bits and pieces from her life, like the time she moved and her less than bright dog went apeshit, or the time she was traumatized by a fish.

The latest in the span of her stories is how she was terrified by the monsters in her closet and what her young mind thought she needed to do in order to survive the night.

She spins a story so fantastically funny, it amazes me the length of the post in relation to how long I feel like I have been reading it. This brings me to the conclusion that Allie Brosh is a witch and must be BURNED AT THE STAKE! (Just kidding.)

I think that her approach to every story makes everything that much more amazing by creating CRAZY ADORABLE PICTURES TO PUNCTUATE EVERY BIT OF FUNNY SHE WRITES! Seriously. Here’s her self portrait.

Allie Brosh is more adorable than you.

ADORABLE, right?

I cannot say enough about how much I enjoy Hyperbole and a Half. But you would be better off heading over to her site to read. The only thing that is sad about it is that once you’re caught up with all of her archived posts, you’re going to have to wait just as long as I do for the next one.

Review: The Very Last Songs I Will Ever Record (Part 1)

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a major lady boner for all things comedy. Laughing about life is a fun and easy way to deal with what comes at you. I surround myself with funny people and when I’m alone, I fill my earholes with sweet sweet comedy recordings. When I was in highschool, most teens were hellbent on going to a rock concert or tour. I was the girl that had to find the closest comedy venue to laugh my face off.

For those of you that follow me regularly on Twitter, you know that I have a major nerd crush on the Nerdist, aka Chris Hardwick aka “Hard” of the geek rock comedy duo Hard’N’Phirm.

This review is going to focus on the Yin to Hardwick’s Yang, the Duke to his Nukem, the jelly to his peanut butter, the guitar to his melodica, the duck to his goose – “Phirm” aka Mike Phirman.

On May 17th, Phirm ┬áreleased his debut solo album “The Very Last Songs I Will Ever Record (Part 1)”.

If the title hasn’t made you laugh yet… I can wait… … There we go.

On the album, Mike wrote and played all of the instruments on all but two of the tracks. Those two are musicless and are there to teach you valuable phrases in Spanish. Beginners Spanish (Sec. 13) is especially necessary when preparing for the inevitable future.

The lyrics in all of his songs are intense and thought provoking. Take a look at one of the complex songs that he must have spent years writing.

Brings a tear to your eye, right?

In the age of music at the click of a button, it is rare for me to say that I will intentionally sit through an entire album. I will listen to this 13-track hug from Mike and wish I could hug it back.

Do yourself a favor, go to Mike Phirman’s website and download the album. There is no minimum payment required, but it goes straight to Phirm’s pocket and not to a record company. So toss some monies his way!

Oh! Did I mention there is a very familiar voice that is easy to recognize? Here’s a hint: He wears Hawaiian shirts, though I don’t think he’s ever performed in Hawaii.

Follow Mike Phirman on Twitter. He is made of funny.