What Do @kanyewest, @charliesheen, and @nerdist have in common? MUSIC!

Back in January, taking to true meme form, Jimmel Kimmel arranged for Josh Groban to cover Kanye West’s tweets

After the media halestorm of Charlie Sheen’s latests things said, Apollo Run decided that the words were too poetic to be left without a melody.

Are you tired of listening to famous people being immortalized in song? WELL FUCK YOU! I’m not done! There is a duo on twitter called @wesingyourtweets and they do EXACTLY that. They call it the Sweet Treatment, or “Sweetment”.

Here’s one of my favorites – for Chris Hardwick aka @nerdist

I Think I Found My Newest Online Crush

I spend a ridiculous amount of time online and I found this post on College Humor called “Five Sci-Fi Children’s Book” by Caldwell Tanner. I saw the first illustrated cover and thought that Chris Hardwick would enjoy it. Then my phone exploded as he and about 99 other people retweeted it. HARDWIIIICKKKKK!

Then the author/illustrator chatted a bit with me via the Twitters. Being interested, I clicked on the link on his twitter page and was brought to http://loldwell.com/ where I was immediately not disappointed (a double negative means I LIKED it kiddos!). He did a t-shirt for Level Up Studios called “A Link to the Future”.

After skimming through his most recent posts… I wondered who this wonderful man was. So I clicked on his “About Me” and watched his video introduction.

CP-YOU! from H. Caldwell Tanner on Vimeo.

Yep. New internet crush.

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Check out his insanity on College Humor

Tell me not to enjoy this dude. Warning: I might stab. Or cry. Feelings are funny sometimes.

Happy Birthday Molly Lewis!

Today marks the anniversary of gestational liberation for two of my favorite people that I don’t know, but follow on the internets: Chris Hardwick and Molly Lewis.

I’m sure that you know who these two fraktaculous people are, but for those that read what I write who have NO idea… Well, here’s a quick lesson. Grab a pen and paper… I’m about to educate (not really).

This post is all about the happy for Molly Lewis. The one for Chris will be linked at the bottom.


Today is Molly’s 21st birthday. I am probably not the only person letting out a sigh and muttering “FINALLY!” Molly is an extremely talented musician who had some pretty rough experiences this year when asked to join in on the w00tstock fun (among other appearances). Even though she was a performer, she was not able to chill inside the venue when w00tstock held hands with SDCC the weekend of July 23-25, 2010. So, being the adventurous (and most likely bored) girl that she is… NINJA GIG outside! She took requests and hung out with people until she was able to go in to perform, then I believe she returned and chilled some more. I didn’t get to go. I was stuck on the East Coast. If anyone has vid of the NINJA GIG I would love to see it. Link it up!

Anyways, I had first been introduced to the awesomeness that is Molly Lewis when my friend Jackie sent me a link to her song “My Hope” a few years ago. After laughing like a bastard, I lost track of her only to be reintroduced to her on Twitter. I started following her and wasn’t disappointed. She began to twitpic something she called “Hipster Dinosaurs”.

She also does doodle recaps of superfun events she has attended, my favorite being the “Personal Highlights From W00tstock 2.X”. Seriously. Her drawrings are so cute (yep… I just started singing “Well you know her name is Mol-ly… and she likes to do DRAW-RINGS!”) sometimes I think the internet will cave in. But, if it hasn’t crashed from all them damn adorable cats… we MIGHT be safe.

Okay! I’m just rambling now, but Happy Birthday Molly! If you ever make it East, I can actually buy you a drink. Unless you don’t drink, in which case I would buy you a whatever you want to drink.

OH I Almost Forgot!
Molly Lewis will be going JoCoCruiseCrazy in January!

And now, for a buttload of links!

Hipster Dinosaurs

Happy Birthday Hardwick post is here

Happy Birthday Chris Hardwick!

Today marks the anniversary of gestational liberation for two of my favorite people that I don’t know, but follow on the internets: Chris Hardwick and Molly Lewis.

I’m sure that you know who these two fraktaculous people are, but for those that read what I write who have NO idea… Well, here’s a quick lesson. Grab a pen and paper… I’m about to educate (not really).

This post is all about the happy for Chris Hardwick. The one for Molly will be linked at the bottom.

Chris Hardwick aka “the Nerdist”

Yes, yes, the Singled Out guy.

If all you know Chris Hardwick from is that show, well… how the eff did you find my site? For realzies.

I professed my “comedy lady boner” for the duo Hard’N’Phirm in one of my older posts about Mike Phirman. You’ve gotta love a duo that had created a song about the numerical value of Pi, a bluegrass cover of Radiohead songs called “Rodeohead”, a “love ballad” in Spanish that is not actually about love at all but a detailed explanation of the human heart and I need to stop this run-on sentence or my brain will explode. *pant pant pant*

(I just found a lyrics site that has the lyrics for their song “Pi”… I can’t stop laughing. There is another way to find these lyrics. It’s called a calculator.)

Besides his time as “Hard”, Chris also has his hands in many other pots. So many, I’m thinking he’s part octopus. An octopus with pots of something. Chris writes for Wired, hops into reviews for G4’s AOTS most recently sporting an admirable lipwarmer (That’s a mustache, ya’ll), hosts Web Soup on the G4, rocks the stand-up stage, tweets like a maniac, live-actions (Yep. I just made that a verb.) in some stuff and lets Rob Zombie kill him, does a lot of voiceworks, hosts his own podcast, blogs for his own website, and co-birthed a nerdsourcing website that he provides bandwidth for.

Chris, if you happen to read this man… I’m so happy I joined the Node. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be one of the NiB’s (NiB=Nerds In Babeland. Currently a blog. Hopefully it will eventually be a podcast as well.) and wouldn’t have met some phenominal people.

Yes, I was first introduced to Chris through Singled Out. After that show ended, it was awhile before I spotted him again in one of those Comedy Central shortset shows (Premium Blend maybe?). I remember watching it and wondering why I was laughing louder than the audience. Then I raised the volume. Problem solved. Being a fan of the Comedy Central Presents series, I remember seeing the episode of Hard’N’Phirm for the first time and went “Oh hell yes. This is my humor” followed by me yelling at both my television set and Comedy Central for only making it a half hour show.

Once I made my inevitable dive into Twitter, one of the people I followed RT’d something by a dude called @nerdist. I thought “clever nickname” and followed the link. I saw who it was and danced a little in my chair before clicking “Follow”. Since then, I have added his site Nerdist.com to my RSS feed and joined Node.

So this was more of a “How I found Chris” post than a “Why I Like Chris” post which it was meant to be for his birthday… But I’ve already written so much I can’t turn back now!

So instead, here are a bunch of links as to “Why I Like Chris Hardwick”. Rock your faces off.

Clipped from: www.pbs.org (share this clip)

Happy Birthday Molly23 post is here

Review: The Very Last Songs I Will Ever Record (Part 1)

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a major lady boner for all things comedy. Laughing about life is a fun and easy way to deal with what comes at you. I surround myself with funny people and when I’m alone, I fill my earholes with sweet sweet comedy recordings. When I was in highschool, most teens were hellbent on going to a rock concert or tour. I was the girl that had to find the closest comedy venue to laugh my face off.

For those of you that follow me regularly on Twitter, you know that I have a major nerd crush on the Nerdist, aka Chris Hardwick aka “Hard” of the geek rock comedy duo Hard’N’Phirm.

This review is going to focus on the Yin to Hardwick’s Yang, the Duke to his Nukem, the jelly to his peanut butter, the guitar to his melodica, the duck to his goose – “Phirm” aka Mike Phirman.

On May 17th, Phirm  released his debut solo album “The Very Last Songs I Will Ever Record (Part 1)”.

If the title hasn’t made you laugh yet… I can wait… … There we go.

On the album, Mike wrote and played all of the instruments on all but two of the tracks. Those two are musicless and are there to teach you valuable phrases in Spanish. Beginners Spanish (Sec. 13) is especially necessary when preparing for the inevitable future.

The lyrics in all of his songs are intense and thought provoking. Take a look at one of the complex songs that he must have spent years writing.

Brings a tear to your eye, right?

In the age of music at the click of a button, it is rare for me to say that I will intentionally sit through an entire album. I will listen to this 13-track hug from Mike and wish I could hug it back.

Do yourself a favor, go to Mike Phirman’s website and download the album. There is no minimum payment required, but it goes straight to Phirm’s pocket and not to a record company. So toss some monies his way!

Oh! Did I mention there is a very familiar voice that is easy to recognize? Here’s a hint: He wears Hawaiian shirts, though I don’t think he’s ever performed in Hawaii.

Follow Mike Phirman on Twitter. He is made of funny.