Stuck in a Y-Hole: I Can Understand How Some People Have Died Because They Wouldn’t Get Up From the Internet

It’s no secret how much I adore coversongs. But…

I have to say that I really enjoy the art of the revamped cover song as opposed to the straightlaced “Glee-esque” (Gleesque?) karaoke style cover. Trust me. If I had the ability to play an instrument without having a massive panic attack I would be pounding these out like crazy. Think… Lounge singer. I’ve talked about how I can sing but am intimidated by those that can play an instrument. Except for Rockband. I can kick booty on medium… okay… easy. To be fair, I just got an XBox360 this year and I have had little time with it, as I’m just not that invested.

So I decided to compile a list of my favorite coversongs from YouTube clips. Blame it on the alcohol. You will eventually be right. I maintain I started this post sober.

The Noisettes – When You Were Young (The Killers)

Shingai Shoniwa has such a phenominal voice. Her sweet velvety voice has slight hints of grit. True grit. [Why am I laughing hysterically right now?]

The Lost Fingers – Billie Jean (Michael Jackson)

Hey, have you ever wanted to feel like you were strolling on a Parisian street but were too afraid to embrace another language? THIS IS THE MUSIC FOR YOU! The Lost Fingers have covered a lot of songs from the eighties ranging from Pump Up the Jam to Careless Whisper.

Skindred – Electric Avenue (Eddy Grant)

Admittedly, this is VERY close to Eddy Grant’s version, but it seems a bit harder with the guitar and the industrial scratch samples added in. It makes you want to dance like an idiot then punch someone in the face for laughing at you.

Richard Cheese – Closer (Nine Inch Nails) – NSFW

Not only is this a lounge version of something composed by Trent Reznor, but it also sounds like the intro to Sesame Street. Pretty awesome. Plus, the dude’s stage name is Richard Cheese. Think about it…

Amanda Palmer – I Will Follow You Into the Dark (Death Cab for Cutie)

The song is beautiful, and it is infinitely more beautiful when it feels like there is a massive amount of emotion behind it. Whatever pushed her to perform the song, especially like this, makes me want to ship up to Boston on her next jaunt home and give her a huge friggin hug.

The Baseballs – Hot N Cold (Katy Perry)

The Baseballs are a coverband from Germany that my friend introduced me to. They’re all ridiculously adorable.

Molly Lewis – Toxic (Britney Spears)

Not only is Molly adorable, she is dextrous. MARVEL I SAY! MARVEL!

Son of Dave – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Daft Punk)

I will continue telling you how much I love Son of Dave until it is no longer true. I love Son of Dave.

Far – Pony (Ginuwine) NSFW

Obviously this isn’t safe for work, unless you slide up and down poles all day. I’m not judging. You could be a fireman! A SEXY fireman!

Zeromancer – Send Me An Angel (Erasure)

Don’t know who Erasure is? They sang the theme song to Neverending Story (aaaaaaaaah. Had to be done.) You have to admit that playing tribute to one of the lamest bands is pretty damn inspired. Oh wait… You liked Erasure? … … *coughmetoocough*

The Vitamin String Quartet – Supermassive Black Hole (Muse)

Oh Muse… I loved you before Twilight… Now I suffer. I SUFFER! Damn you Stephanie Meyer! Damn you! Meh. They’re still amazing artists and if someone wants to take me to one of their concerts I am available.

Muse – Feeling Good (Nina Simone [actually from the 1965 musical The Roar of the Greasepaint but that’s the closest we’ll get to original singer.])

I really love this song. But it is very close to the original version, so I really shouldn’t put it on here, but this is my list!

Pomplamoose – Single Ladies [Put a Ring On it] (Beyonce)

I like their Gaga cover of Telephone, but I already posted a Gaga cover and this one is just as splendiferous.

Jonathan Coulton – Baby Got Back (Sir Mix Alot)

I’m so happy I decided to add this because I didn’t know there was a recording of Paul and Storm backing up Baby Got Back. So happy.

the Biovon – Money (Pink Floyd)

Oh hey, I’m going to essentially create myself a pipe organ from PVC pipe and I’m going to wail on it with ping pong paddles. You know how to play the saxophone? Sweet. Let’s form a band.


Hard N Phirm – Rodeohead (Radiohead Mashup)

Not only is it a mashup of many Radiohead songs, but it’s been mashed up with FIREFLY! You love a bluegrass cover of Radiohead songs. It’s like Amanda Palmer’s cover album on uke, except it was done first and it’s completely different. Okay… so it’s nothing alike. Except they are both completely awesome.

What’s that you say? Need more bluegrass covers? Well HERE YOU GO INTERNET! Okay, it’s probably just for me, but whatever. Quit hating.

Hayseed Dixie – Roses (Outkast)

I believe that their first cover was “Shook Me All Night Long”, hence the humorous name (Hayseed Dixie… AC/DC… Say it out loud. It’s okay.)

Crap… I can find a bunch of bluegrass covers. This search just made my week. I can’t top it. I cannot top all of this. THIS IS AMAZING!

Cornbread Red – Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Green Day)

I didn’t think this song could make me cry harder. Never underestimate the power of a fiddle.

Thank whatever diety is sitting somewhere other than here that just locked me out of YouTube. I would’ve been stuck in a Y-Hole with no chance of escape.

Music of the Moment: Son of Dave

Recently, a friend had posted a few videos of this amazing artist on his facebook page. The videos blew my mind. In fact, here’s one. Start it up and either keep reading or groove out then continue.

Oh, and before I forget. Thank you Andrew. I LOVED watching the videos you had posted. You are pretty much my music soulmate.

Amazing, right? He reminds me a little of Tom Waits, without the throat issues. Yes, the video is a cover of the song by Dizee Rascak and Armand Van Heldon, but it shows you pretty much how this man works. A mixture of blues, hip-hop, alternative, and beatbox is what you have to look forward to when you treat yourself to the musical stylings of Son of Dave.

Son of Dave is the monikor that Benjamin Darvill assigned to his whirlwind performance art. A truly one man band, Son of Dave brings back the fun. In an era of autotune and remixes, these albums summon something that has been lacking in a lot of mainstream music… talent.

What makes this so impressive is that there is very little in the way of instrumental requirements. All Son of Dave needs is a harmonica, a looping machine, and a sturdy pair of boots. He creates his beats using whatever is around him and often times he switches from singing to harmonica to beatbox with little effort. I am positive that it is not as seamless and easy as he makes it look.

Benjamin Darvill is an artist. Whether it is in the crafting of his songs or the energy in his published writing for Stool Pigeon magazine, I am fucking hooked.

When I hear something impressive that shakes me to my core, I try to find out more about it. Apparently, Benjamin was a part of the Crash Test Dummies, but in 2000 he began to pursue his journey as Son of Dave.

Check him out at
Buy his stuff on his site or at

Here is one of his songs to close out this post, because it floors me every time I watch it.

Son of Dave – Old Times Were Good Times

… Hooked.