1. I have never been to jail.
  2. I am not a drug addict.
  3. I am not a delinquent.

I have a long standing full-time job.
I pay my bills.
I volunteer (not as much as I’d like to).
I am intelligent.

I have noticed that because of my age, people take advantage of me because they think that I am young and stupid. A repair shop will toss unneccessary “repairs” at me because they think that I will fold and assume it is needed. A neighbor will bully me into feeling like I cannot speak or have friends in my own home for fear of a visit from the police.

Ageism goes both ways. A woman in a nursing home was bruised because someone continued tugging her up even when she said she was hurt.

It’s time people just cut through the bullshit and just focus on the important things.

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