I. Am. Neda.

On June 20, 2010, it will be a year since a young woman was shot down in the streets in Tehran. She had stopped to join in a peaceful protest of the disputed elections in Iran. A militia in plain clothes began to push for the protest to dispurse.

Neda Agha Soltan was shot in the chest and died en route to the hospital.

Her death was videotaped and viewed by millions of people through various media sites.

Now, her name can be heard shout through the streets after lights out in Iran.

Neda would have been 28 in January.

I rarely cut and paste information, but this was an invitation sent to me via Facebook and it has all of the information on how to show your support and solidarity.



Neda Agha-Soltan was a young woman brutally killed last June by a government militiaman as she was peacefully protesting the disputed elections in Iran. Millions of people watched footage of her death on YouTube instantly. In her death on televisions and computer screens around the world, Neda has become a worldwide symbol for human rights.

The Neda Project is a statement of solidarity with the resistance movement in Iran. “I am Neda” is a cry that you can hear in the streets of Iran after lights-out. It means that she is remembered, that any of us could be her, and that there are basic and inviolable human rights.

To learn more about how you can show your solidarity, go to NedaSpeaks.org.

“Neda” means “voice” in Farsi.

Use yours.

1. Set your status to “I am Neda” on Facebook and Twitter.

2. Take a new profile picture with an “I am Neda” sign.

3. Upload the photo to NedaSpeaks.org.




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  1. I was thinking about this…a project for the Betties (of which I am not one, yet, fingers crossed).
    The betties should all take an I am Neda picture, then compile them into a video…

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