Are… You… Kidding… Me…

Well that’s just lovely.
I was driving home from work on route 5 when I hit E. Windsor. I was sitting at the light to turn a left unto 91S and I’m stuck three cars behind the light when I spot something bright to my left. I look over and there is a man in a flourescent yellow jacket lying on the side of the road. There is a forest green jeep right next to him. He gets up, brushes off his pants and checks on his bicycle.
While he is doing this, the woman in the jeep (with a Massachusetts license plate) drives off unto the on ramp for 91N.
I am disgusted by this. This woman HIT the fucking biker and took off. I couldn’t chase after the bitch for her license plate number. I had to sit and just watch in horrified fascination as the older gent scurries across the street to get to sidewalks. He looked shaken up and I wanted to shout to see if he was okay, but he looked like he was ready to jump at the next thing that happens to him.
The woman in the jeep needs to be hit by a car. For realzies.

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  1. ….I’m speechless here. BITCH! I don’t understand how someone could hit someone with a car and just drive off!!! I will never forget when I hit a cat, (and I’ll probably never forgive myself either) I pulled over, saw that I’d actually killed it, and broke down in hysterics. I cannot fathom the lack of feeling it would take to know that you’d hit a PERSON and just drive away like nothing happened!!! This is one of those times you just have to trust in karma; because karma is a bitch and she has puppies. Damn, I hate people sometimes…..

  2. I just read through a bunch of posts and found this one- she’s got Mass plates…that answers it. I drive with these morons everyday and trust me there is a reason the rest of Southern New England calls them MASSHOLES. 😉

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