QFP Quotes From Pals Catchup: October, November, December 2012

This sounds like somebody shit in my ears.
Seth 10/4/12

I have liquids.
Seth 10/12/12

We’ll get some Budweiser scotch while we’re at it.
Rick 10/12/12

Oh you’re from Cupertino? I love your font!
Rick 10/13/12

My arm makes my face go dark. Cat logic is awesome.
Ali 10/13/12

That’s such a painful pose! … But men like, so we do it!
Dana 10/13/12

Why do you need to overthrow the donut king?
Dana 10/13/12

Do you want to have a staring contest with me just so I can cry?
Robbie 10/14/12

God doesn’t close a vagina by opening an asshole.
Rick 10/14/12

He’s young and has good hydraulics.
Susan 10/14/12

No one gets a Snagglepuss reference anymore.
Eric 10/25/12

I’m an OG hoarder.
Payne 11/1/12

I know exactly what I’m doing with knives.
Amber 11/2/12

My vagina just breathed a sigh of relief.
Nikki 11/6/12

Jenn: “I always wanted an Easy Bake Oven.”
Ali: “Do you like hot pudding?”

I’m always weary about people that don’t love chocolate.
Jenn 11/7/12

Was there really any other type of Rick Danko than a coked up one?
Marissa 11/8/12

Shawn: The thing about Japan…
Ali: Educate me, Viking.

Ali: Why did I join a wine club?
Shawn: It didn’t really help you.
Emerald: You’re whining right now.

I wanna have sex with you and now I can’t. This is your fault.
Nikki 11/9/12

Fuck your treachery! Have you ever been bitten by a duck?
Nikki 11/9/12

Nikki: *French Accent* Mawwwhahahaha!
Matt: Which is French for Hahahaha.

Aren’t they supposed to smell like pickles and money? Or pickled money?
Emerald 11/9/12

I would pay you so much money to Sharpie your dick.
Nikki 11/9/12

Seth: Since Op Ivy played their last show in ‘89, you can’t be expected to buy the tee at a show.
Marissa: I also would have been six and was mainly listening to the theme from Land Before Time and Whitney Houston’s opus “The Greatest Love Of All”. The only Operations I cared about were the one I was undergoing for my sinuses and the one that involved an inanimate man and buzzing tweezers

If you pay $400 for a Fugazi shirt, Ian McKaye will personally punch you in the pants.
Seth 11/13/12

The guy on the left looks like a self-important German architect with eccentric sexual proclivities, the middle guy is what would come out it Neil Young and Bret Michaels had a baby, and the gut on the right is like, “yeah, I like piercings and 80s hairdos–whataya want from me?”.
Paul 11/20/12

Let’s get drunk, show up with weird paintings and heckle them mercilessly.
Josh 11/20/12

Basically all bad people names are great pet names.
Amber 11/20/12

You are a cat racist!
Amber 11/20/12

Killed by stuffed animals is not how I want to go out.
Cupcake 11/21/12

I’ve never laid an egg or a chicken.
Dominique 11/22/12

You build babies out of meat.
Seth 11/25/12

That sounds like a dude that went jogging at a taco festival.
Seth 11/25/12

Seth: it would be creepy and cute.
Ali: it would be creepdorable!

Are you mocking autistic children?
Puppy 12/1/12

Is it weird calling him “daddy” in a non-fetish setting?
Jackie 12/22/12

Your horror is an aphrodisiac to me.
Ali 12/26/12

He’s basically Rainbow Dash with Apple Jack’s accent.
Rune 12/29/12

Rune: I think Lady Gaga just douses herself in glue and rolls around in things.
Me: Yeah. She’s like Katamari.

He keeps his girlfriends private. I know because I stalked him on MySpace.
Rune 12/29/12

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