Obligatory Thankful Post for Thanksgiving

I made the foolhardy attempt to blog something I was thankful for every hour last Thanksgiving. This year, I am keeping it simple.
– I am thankful for my family. Not just the family I was born into. The family that my parents added in and the family that I have added in myself.

– I am thankful for people that have never given up on me, even though I have done quite a few shitty things in my life. I am even thankful for those that HAVE given up on me. I do not regret the friendship, even though some days it’s bittersweet.

– I am thankful for my new friends that have embraced me into the fold and have shown me nothing but love and warmth. For me to feel safe after only being here four months is staggering. I love my PDX dragons, Cuddlahs, and Bettie.

– I am thankful for my bestie, and always look forward to whiskeying with him on Sundays.

– I am thankful for podcasts, podcasting, and all recordings of every type.

– I am thankful that I got to attend the LA Podcast Festival this year. So many memories jam packed into a three day period.

– I am thankful for music, musicians, and being able to use my voice in a melodic fashion.

– I am thankful for my ability to write. I haven’t done it in quite some time, but my palms itch.

– I am thankful that I have grown to appreciate my body and that I have a tattoo parlor here that I love enough to call it my own. (Come visit. We’ll get tattoos together!)

– I am thankful for taking a huge risk and moving across the country. Though I miss my family terribly (today and every other day), I feel more like who I was meant to be here.


And to end this small post, I want to tell anyone reading this that I am thankful that you are reading my blog. You may be a new visitor, you may be a regular. It means the world to me that people actually enjoy what it is I’m doing.


Oh… and I didn’t win the powerball so if you shop Amazon this holiday season, can you start through my link on the right hand side of my site? It costs you nothing, but maybe I’ll get a penny or two for referring you. Every little bit, loveys!

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