My LA Weekend Recap: Monday, Final Thoughts, and EVERY Pocketbooth of the weekend!

I woke up a few hours later as Amy was getting her things ready. We hugged and sniffled a bit as she picked up her shuttle. Dana, Seth and I grabbed breakfast and then Dana picked up her shuttle. One by one everyone began to peel away from each other, like the end of the first season of Leverage or (as Amy said) Oceans 11. It was bittersweet and a little teary as everyone broke away. I really hope that they all knew that leaving them wasn’t fun and if I could cry in public, I totally would (but all of my crying is reserved for liquor stores and sex toy shops).


I let out a sigh as I slid into my rental and drove to Beverly Hills, exhausted but content. I parked and visited the Cupcake ATM (yes, it exists and they’re fucking delicious) before heading back to the airport. I initially hoped I would’ve been able to have lunch with a friend, but she was in meetings all day. It’s okay though. Airfare to LA isn’t too terrible from PDX, so there will be brunch.


I write this as I sit in the airport, trying to kill time. It would be awesome if I had wifi, because I would pull up the ending song from Doogie Howser, MD as I wrote this. OH! And I think I walked by Sean Penn. Whoever it was looked like Spicoli and Leatherface.


Initially my worries were that I hadn’t done enough during the weekend, but looking at the amount of things in this recap and the size of it all, I feel like even though I didn’t have the chance to see everything I wanted, I was still incredibly happy and cannot wait for next year.


After all of that, I still have more to say (of course I do. I’m verbose and opinionated).


I have ABSOLUTELY no complaints about the festival. Yes, there were a few bummers, but I was never angry or upset with anything they had set up. The hotel… They didn’t realize what to expect with this festival. I hope that if it is decided to be there again, they make the proper arrangements to provide exceptional service as we were shelling out a crapton of monies there.


Every podcaster/comedian I came in contact with was incredibly gracious, kind, and lovely when talking to everyone in attendance. Graham got a little choked up when thanking people for helping this get off the ground. It didn’t hit me how much these performers are fans of their fans. They engaged people in conversations, they paid attention to where people were from, they also made it a habit to THANK the volunteers every chance they got.


Everyone that came to enjoy the festival was polite, courteous, and genuinely lovely people. It was hysterical to see someone go “Oh shit, I follow you on Twitter!” to people that had bought passes for the weekend. There was an intense camaraderie. There was no turf war between the listeners, which I was disappointed about because I really like snapping fingers and dancing in the street.


This event was incredibly well planned. In one year, there were very little in the way of snags (that they let anyone actually witness. I’m sure there were things.) My biggest hope is that Graham, Chris, Dave, Andy and Jeff all had the chance to enjoy themselves as much as we all did.


Until next year…

… and yes, I will listen to at least 3 episodes of your podcasts, fellow attendees.


Here are all the amazing pocketbooths I got during the weekend!

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