My LA Weekend Recap: Sunday

Sorry it took me so long. I had an appointment I had to get to.


The final day of Podfest. We woke with a realization that there was only one more day, but there was so much fun to be had. I was volunteering in the morning and arrived once again in Espada. I ran into Todd Glass and he made sure to tell me a few things he wanted to be done. I took care of them and when I walked into the room to sit back with Don (the awesome sound guy that had been in Espada with me all weekend), I was filled with joy at the fact that The Todd Glass Show was standing room only. There was definitely a… change… to the show and I was super excited to see Tom Hensley hop on the mic for a two minute bit that he did with Todd on the fly.


After Todd was Comedy Film Nerds, which had me laughing hysterically. Chris and Graham were completely on point and their guests, Alison Rosen and Steve Agee, were a delight. I had the pleasure of being the last audience question and the answer was so great, I will let you know when they post it.


I also had the chance to watch For Crying Out Loud. I hadn’t heard it before that day but I’ve already subscribed to their show. It was absolutely hysterical. Don and I were cracking up in the back of the room. I hadn’t heard him laugh at anything as hard as he did with FCOL.


When my volunteering shift was over, I had every intention of running back to the room to take a nap, but I ran into Chris Gore and we started talking about podcasting and I had my ukulele with me. One guy asked if he could hand it to a friend to play and I was like “SURE!”. So I get my camera out to take some video and realize it was Wayne Federman. It was fantastic. After it was done, there were people filming parts of the festival that wanted to do it again, but he didn’t want to feel like he was pretending. I asked him to just play for me. He ended up teaching me a new strumming pattern and he asked me to play for him. I did a bit of MGMT’s “Kids” and he told me I had a lovely voice. It wasn’t until I had packed it up and headed up to the room that I realized I was shaking. It finally clicked that the cameraman was filming ME singing. So… I don’t know if that will ever see the light of day, but you never know.


I went upstairs intending to sleep, forgot that I needed to pick up preordered merch, so I ran back to get that, ran to the room, and went BACK for Never Not Funny.


It was a fantastic show and I couldn’t stop laughing as my East Coast co-host of Whiskey on Sunday was texting me asking me questions about Jimmy Pardo’s shoes. There was also a knot forming in my throat when I realized that Jimmy’s was the last podcast of the festival. It felt like the entire weekend had flown by.


Shortly after the culmination of the podcast portion of the festival, there was the end of Podfest after party. I saw that my friends were all getting into a picture together so I hopped in. More and more people kept running in. Graham and Chris ran in. There were so many people rushing into the fold to be a part of the very “Class of ‘88”-esque picture.



One last post for my weekend, and I will include ALL of the pocketbooth photos from the weekend and a final thought on the execution of the event!


The party then shifted downstairs so that we could get something to eat. I only managed to last until about 1:30.

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