My LA Weekend Recap: Saturday

I woke up early because I was going to be working the door for the Espada conference room. I gave a quick hug to Dave Anthony as people filed into the room for the first podcast.


It was kind of awesome working the door for the shows, and I immediately realized it as I watched five men in lab coats walk towards me. Superego!!! EEEEEEE! Their guests were Paul F. Thomkins and Colin Hanks. They were all absolutely fascinating to watch because I got to see that even though they had to bring the laughs to the stage, they were still cracking each other up before they began. The show was phenomenal and I didn’t fangirl squee, but they were the first people of the weekend to sign my ukulele (sadly I couldn’t find PFT, as he was being pinballed from podcast to podcast. That man is a fucking machine and his energy is enviable!)


After the room cleared I tidied up a bit and Kevin Allison came in to set up for RISK! I had never heard the podcast before, so I didn’t know what to expect. I also thought “that dude is super fucking familiar… how do I know him?” Luckily, Vicky Pezza reminded me that he was in the State shortly after the recording. The show was amazing. RISK! starts with a topic and the guests all come up and tell a story. The episode’s topic was “unexpected”. I didn’t know much about Aubrey O’Day, but her story was fucking funny and fantastic and gross and my favorite of the bunch (even though they all had me laughing).


After RISK! I was relieved from my duties and ran outside for a cigarette. Greg Behrendt came driving in with Angelo and Alex. I brought them upstairs and got them checked in and then ran up to the room to give Greg his belated birthday present (I custom Sharpied a KidRobot Zoomi into a Reigning Monarch’s lion.) He pulled me into the JV Club to watch it with him. We took a seat and (of course) I was sitting behind someone with the best volumized hair ever, so I didn’t really get to see much of what was happening up front, but… It’s a podcast. That was okay. After an hour, I ducked out to get ready for Walking the Room.


I tossed on the new dress I had bought before flying out, slapped on some makeup and headed to the Ballroom.


When I tell you that Saturday night’s Walking the Room was one of the best episodes I have ever listened to, I am not exaggerating. Dave and Greg were on the ball, and they even got Wil Anderson to jump in to something that he was hesitant to take part in. No, I’m not going to tell you what it was. Buy it. You may hear me laughing.


After the show I got a few pictures and my uke signed and I got hugged and it still absolutely blows my fucking mind that Greg and Dave fucking remember me. Seeing everyone else meeting them for the first time brought a tear to my eye. Everyone who is on the Hotdog Thunderdome or the WTR page on Facebook, they recognized them and welcomed them with open arms or a warm handshake. Fucking aces, those jokers. (Shut up. I’m tired. Who am I kidding? I would’ve written it anyways)


We were all ushered out of the Ballroom by the employees that were setting it up for a private event and made our way to Barnum Hall across the street. Yes, it’s a high school auditorium. They had three food trucks outside of the venue where people were getting to know each other and then everyone headed in for Doug Loves Movies.


Oh DLM… When I tell you that it was fucking hysterical, it was. It was dubbed the “official train wreck of podfest”. There were visual gags, interrupting guests, and it was thoroughly entertaining. I really hope that you guys download it and listen to it. To give you an idea, the guests were Dave Anthony, Marc Maron, Zach Galifinakis, Todd Glass, and Steve Agee. There were two completely unique name tags for the Leonard Maltin game. That… is all you get (unless you see the pictures, then you’ll get some of it).


Immediately after Doug ended the show, there was a standup Podsmash, where many of the comedians did a little comedy and I laughed so hard. I did wish that there was an intermission as I totally had to run to the bathroom in the middle of it. It was fantastic though.


After the stand up show ended, we all shuffled back and then walked to Norms for food. I was fading fast, so I took a cab back. THEN I got a second wind and partied until 5:30a. Honestly, I drank too much and I can’t sleep when drunk so I spent an hour of that walking around the mezzanine telling myself to not be drunk.

My favorite pic I took with my camera.

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