My LA Weekend Recap: Friday

I woke up on Friday at about 4:30a and stayed in bed just trying to fall back to sleep. At 5, I gave up, grabbed some stuff to do and snuck out of the room to let them continue that pesky habit I have no talent for. I trolled facebook, watched people and let my mind wander as I fashioned expectations in my brainpan for what was to happen during LA Podcast Festival.


When they woke, we met up with Laura and headed to the Omelette Parlor (Palace? Fuckit. The OP). While we waited for our food, Alex arrived and told us that her first bringer show was that evening and I told her I really wanted to go. So we made plans to head over to Sherman Oaks and then I had to leave breakfast for a prior commitment. (I’m being private about it because it has to do with recording a podcast and I will release the information if/when it ever airs).


An hour of talking turned out to be very draining for me. As I was driving back to the hotel, I was stuck in traffic due to the ‘final voyage” of the Endeavor. (Tangent: Okay, that’s absolutely absurd that this has been traveling all over the place and they’re just hitching it up to things. It’s like hitching a mobile home to a fucking horse.)


After realizing that It took me 20 minutes to go one mile, I had to contact everyone and make sure that they made alternate plans to go see Alex perform, because I wouldn’t get there in time. Super bummed and sputtering impressive strings of profanity, I finally got back to the hotel.


I immediately wanted to crash. Take a shower, fall asleep, whatever. I was so glad I didn’t. I checked in, got my Volunteer badge and headed into the VIP Poolside party. There were quite a few people there and I got to meet Stu, Jessica, and Tom. I saw Aaron again and hugged everyone tightly. I think what made me so excited was the fact that I talk to these cats on a daily basis and it felt like a Cuddlah family reunion.


Afterwards, I ran upstairs, took a shower, and then decided to see one of the live podcasts that evening. I headed to the Ballroom on the penthouse floor and rushed in. My friends were all sitting together and there wasn’t a seat near them. Then I look over and Wil Anderson was sitting a little ways away. I scoffed at my friends and sat with Wil and Suze joined us. He admitted he didn’t know a lot about American sports. I admitted that I didn’t know anything about sports. We sat and watched the Sklars record their podcast Sklarbro Country and they had a few guests on and it was a lot of fun to laugh and occasionally look over to Wil and shrug.


After the show, Wil was kind enough to take a photo with me and he was such a sweetheart AND a rockstar. He had to fly back to Australia for Gruen practically after Walking the Room the following evening (and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t really here long enough to adjust to the time shift).


Then I got a phone call from Andy Wood and he asked if I’d be able to cover someone’s shift for the rest of the evening. I said a quick goodbye to people and spent a few hours checking in Performers, VIP, Industry and Volunteers. A few friends stopped in to hang out and Coleman and I got to chill for a little while and catch up (you may remember him from my mention of the Nerd Weekend in Boston and the first WTR Starfish Circus). Afterwards, I caught up with a bunch of friends and partied until 4:30am (which was the smartest idea, because then I got up around the same time as everyone else the following morning).


Random Hall Bed. Made me miss Mel and Crissie.

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