My LA Weekend Recap: Thursday

The Commune! Dana, Amy, Seth, Susan and I. We made sure to grab a roomies photo early because of reasons (which was smart because so much was forgotten in the rush of the weekend).

I woke up early on Thursday, too excited to even attempt to keep sleeping. I had also  procrastinated packing and needed to do it. I started throwing outfits I wanted to wear into the suitcase and then realized that I had already packed too much.


Once that was over, it was hard sitting still. I couldn’t play my new ukulele as I had packed it and didn’t really want to have to re-Tetris my bag. So, instead, I thought “I really want to go out and have some coffee and shop for work appropriate clothing”. When I was searching, I didn’t really plan on it, but I found a dress that I really liked and figured I still had room in my suitcase.


I figured that since I was just killing time, I might as well just go to the airport early and check in and waste time there. The 20 minute drive took an hour and fifteen minutes IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AFTERNOON. I think Portland really is where everyone moves to retire. Honestly PDX? What the fuck are y’all doing on the road at 3pm? Get a job, hipsters!


Chock full of rage I made my way to the self parking place I had found and looked at my text messages ONLY to see one from the airline saying that the flight was late. I let out a sigh and continued on.


I parked, hopped the shuttle and checked in. When I got to the TSA area, I was pulled aside, pat down and then my bags were swabbed. Apparently, a turtle backpack on a grown adult means “grope me”. They were all really sweet though, and I continued on thankful that I arrived on time. The fluidity of the confirmations of departure times continued to ding on my phone, but I didn’t care. I contemplated getting a drink, but I couldn’t find a place. Apparently I was already exhausted because as I waited for the woman to make my coffee, I noticed the huge BAR sign immediately behind the kiosk.


I let out a chuckle and sat down at the gate and wasted the next few hours to board. The flight was uneventful and we stopped in San Jose before going back up in the air. We landed late (obviously) and I had to wait a half hour in baggage claim before going to the shuttle area to get my rental. Another length of time passed before the shuttle even arrived and the rental place had four people working and an incredibly long line. I just shrugged and waited 45 minutes to get the car and drove to Santa Monica to stay at the Sheraton Delfina.


When I arrived, Seth and Rick were outside chatting and I immediately ran over for hugs. Dana, Susan and Ronnie came out to see me. I almost bawled because they were so sweet to wait up for me (even though I told them to go to sleeps!). We gabbed for a bit and headed up to the room where Amy Jo had started to succumb to sleep. We all settled in and soon the sounds of heavy sleep entered my ears. I gave in to it as well.


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