QFP Quotes from Pals August and September 2012

Boo: What’s your middle name?
Ali: Dawn. Like a sunrise.
Boo: Or a Tyrannadon!

Boo: Why are you taking the water off?
Darren: To make you ask questions.

It sounds like robot snuff films to me.
Keri 8/21/12

Frodo’s trip to Mount Doom was interesting too, but it didn’t really happen.
Seth 8/22/12

Well…ok but only because your grandfather was so handsome. I’m not about to take inspiration from an ugly ass old dude.
Josh 8/24/12

Boo: I think a kid is concerned, Mommy.
Ali: Concerned about what?
Boo: Pickles
Molly: What kid would that be?
Boo: That would be me.

I bet an aneurism is great when it’s over.
Ali 9/8/12

This is like a monkey fucking a football. “Does this go there?”
Puppy 9/15/12

There’s no such thing as date rape. Once the rape starts, the date is over.
Rune 9/15/12

Can you sew my panties?!??
Danni 9/15/12

Josh: I actually had it paused right at the beginning of that song. Yeah pretty graphic but not totally offensive. Didn’t he spend most of it talking about eating p word? Seems like a nice gesture of good will towards women.
Marissa: You’re right, I’m being silly. I mean if I read that on a dating profile, I’d think to myself “wow, this guy is pretty much a feminist”
RC 9/13/12

I can’t say unequivocally that if the Zombies did come, I WOULDN’T take up chewing tobacco. I feel like if I were living the life on the run from the hoard, I might NEED to have some chaw and a spittoon. I mean is there a girl out there that wouldn’t love a pearl and rhinestone covered spittoon?
Marissa 9/20/12

Thanks for the closed captioning. Now I can hear it.
Dad 9/27/12

This is a lot like Boston except that it’s cleaner, brighter, and less crowded.
Mom 9/29/12

OH at Powells: “So I should just buy 50 Shades of Grey and get a cat?”

Even the nice ones just look like a Chipotle burrito with a vein running down the side
Kenneth 9/29/12

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