QFP July 2012

Come on! Gimme some sky candy!
JonB 7/3/12

He’s like the Joe Pesci of dogs.
Slack 7/4/12

Just saying that made me want to become an arsonist.
JonB 7/4/12

I’ve got an advanced downward facing dog.
Pat 7/4/12

If you have speedbumps on your cock, you got a knowledge about some shit.
Bro 7/4/12

I don’t feel bad about poultry, because they’re essentially lizards.
Patrick 7/11/12

Bro: I like the pimps and hos analogy.
Pat: It’s pretty much the same except less gonorrhea.

Ali: Do we change time zones today?
Mom: Do we?
Ali: We’re the worst travelers ever!

Mom: Tie bump to the door?
Ali: Five bucks at the door!

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