WoS001: Florida is the Worst State in Connecticut

Here it is folks!

Hectic times have ceased, so I am introducing you to the newest podcast I’m involved in!

“Whisky on Sunday!”

Seth and I started this BEFORE I moved, but I didn’t have time to set this up. There will be a new episode every Sunday (maybe a few specials if we get backlogged with recordings). Right now, we have 6 episodes banked, so my recap of moving may be pushed ahead. Any episode that we skip over posting immediately will be posted, but it will be in order of being banked.

I promise you I will also write a recap of moving soon. at the moment I have some more IKEA to put together. I miss all of you terribly.




I was also on a previous episode of “Tales From the Attic”, my other friend Seth’s podcast (Episode 66)

and if you haven’t been watching, my mom and I have been doing Roadtrip Recaps on Youtube

AND… Since I am no longer in a state that doesn’t allow it, I have joined the Amazon Associate/Affilite program. It doesn’t cost you anything, but if you do an Amazon Search using the link I just posted, it’ll send a tiny percentage of your buy towards me. I know… pandering, but please bookmark it and use the link. It doesn’t cost you anything, and without using it you’re missing out on helping out someone whose content you enjoy.

‘Kay, I love you, bye!


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