This is why Seth should never send out mass emails.

Seth sent the picture to a group of people. “Reply All” was then turned to a brainstorm session. However, we’ve fleshed out the best show ever.


Seth: I have decided if this were a cop show called “Sharkasaur Squad” it would be my favorite thing ever.
Ali: “He was a shark with a chip on his shoulder. HE was the last velociraptor with everything to lose. Together, this fall on G4 they are… SHARKASAUR SQUAD.”
Seth: “Dammit, Bitey, you don’t even have shoulders! You pull a stunt like that again and I’ll have your badges!”
Marissa: This is clearly a vengeance movie in which the Velociraptor is going after that dirty dino mob that took out his family, or so he thinks. What he won’t know until the end is that the Sharks are the one running everything and now his best bud has to pick what side he’s on, The Raps or the Sharks. It’s a set-up to the West Side Story musical-esque sequel
Ali: Movies are sooooooo 2010. TV series or no deal!
Seth: Bitey Finnegan and Rend Tearasaur are the streets last hope.
Ali: You’d think that they wouldn’t listen to Chief Egrit. I mean, he’s not even a bird of prey and he has such a wobbly, long neck, but they are TERRIFIED about losing their badges!
Seth: You wouldn’t know it now, but back before he was chief, Snowy was the toughest cop in town.

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