Quotes From Pals: June – Parawana Fishes

30 shades of flannel.
Seth 6/2/12

Put a blacklight under the table and it’s like the billion boy battlefield.
Ali 6/8/12

*sung* Milo Ventimiglia- ah ha!
Ali 6/8/12

The only thing hot about her is that she has the psycho killer eyes.
Steve 6/8/12

If you could fist your earrings, you’re probably a whore.
Ash 6/8/12

Ash: I’m gonna kill you.
Steve: I always figured you would one day.

Ash: Stake to the heart!
Ali: Yep. That’s how you solve AIDS.

Jess: I wanna get my tonsils taken out so I can get free ice-cream.
Ali: Really? ‘Cause we’re going to get some free right now and you don’t need surgery.

Jess: I don’t want you calling me and saying that you got hurt from a volcano.

Mom: “I wish my eye would stop tearing.”
Ali: “Well stop putting your fingers in it!”

Jess: My mom doesn’t get sarcasm
Ali: Yes she does! You’re not doing it right.

Sea Turtle!
Jess 6/12/12

They are just letting you know that bears have happened to cross the street.
Laura 6/12/12

I’m smarter than a seventh grader, I just don’t know facts.
Mom 6/12/12

You’d be amazed at how tired you get when there is nothing to do.
Ali 6/12/12

Mom: Who would come from a different state to come here?
Laura: We did.

Mom: Have you ever seen a porcupine?
Jess: Yeah. Dead.

Parawana fish?
Jess 6/12/12

Mom 6/12/12

Non-alcohol free.
Jess 6/12/12

Cataract bears!
Ali 6/12/12

They must have a lot of oxygen in this state because they have so many trees.
Mom 6/12/12

I’m gonna write that down! … You got a pen I can use?
Jess 6/12/12

The car rules are written on the outside of the car.
Mom 6/12/12

Laura: It’s been four miles since that “Moose Crossing for the next four miles.”
Ali: You should call Vermont and scream “THIS IS BULLSHIT!”

I wanna see a moose.
Mom 6/12/12

From Florida, take an east.
Mom 6/13/12

Do you have a gun we can borrow?
Jess 6/13/12

Ash: You should be serving us.
Steve: I can serve you smiles.

I do not live in a family of puppies.
JonB 6/16/12

Rust is luxurious… If you’re into high-end steampunk.
Jon 6/16/12

You are like the vampire of fun.
Ashley 6/28/12

Nothing beats a good interoffice skull-fucking.
Ali 6/28/12

You can punch yourself in the back of the head, but it’s better when it’s unexpected. It’s like a surprise party that may cause brain damage.
Ali 6/28/12

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