Kittenbritch Otterbatch!

Ali: I think if someone arranged for me to have a night with Benedict Cumberbatch, it would probably be an evening of us awkwardly staring at each other.
I would still like that to happen.
Marissa: I have that night every night when I put the Sherlock DVD or Last Enemy (he’s pretty hot in that too) on and just pause the screen
Seth: Well, we already had your going away/birthday party so it’s a little late to tell us now. Jackie had suggested the Cumberbatch escort service but it got voted down.
Marissa: I didn’t even bother voting. As in most elections, I just assumed that everyone would vote in the most logical manner and that my voice wasn’t necessary. I failed you the same way I’ve failed my municipal government countless times
Seth: He did a lot of weird scratching during the interview.
Marissa: That’s just because he’s allergic to cats…
Seth: If he knew he was allergic, why did he show up with 14 kittens in his trousers?
Marissa: Not all of his trousers were kittens…duh
Ali: I’m pretty sure that your kitten-trouser logic is flawed, Marissa. You only need them in the pair you’re in to get itchy.
Ali: Are you sure it was him and not an otter? Some people can’t tell the difference.
Seth: We asked for ID.
Marissa: If I ever own a show otter I’m going to name him, “The Right Honourable Detective B. Cumberbatch III”
Ali: I think that would look lovely on the birthday party invites to the pond.

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