When We Were Younger and Ill-Informed…

Sometimes you just need some silly to brighten your day. Worked for me. Hope it helps you too!

When We Were Younger and Ill-Informed…

ALI: … I heard that there were going to be bears at a Pride Parade, and shouted “WHAT ZOO HATES GAY PEOPLE?!?!?!!”

SETH: When my mom told me when you paid with a personal check you had to have money behind it, I thought she put cash in the envelope literally behind the check.

MARISSA: I told my friend that we could buy something if we split the money and then proceeded to actually split the bill. I was like 5

ALI: … Whenever someone said “You’re preaching to the choir” I thought they were going to sing to me.

MARISSA: I changed the lyrics to Chumbawumba’s “TubThumping” to “kissing the night away” when I was in the car with my parents. I thought “pissing” would be too offensive…

SETH: I thought a line in a Rod Stewart song that actually went “I’d be so happy I could cry” was “I’d be a happy yucky quacker”. I imagined a smiling duck that lived in the garbage dump.

ALI: I seriously thought “Are we we are the waiting unknown?” by GreenDay was “Are we we are the Wayward Gnomes”.

SETH: The Wayward Gnomes have to be in one of our novels!

MARISSA: Isn’t that your Kansas cover band, Seth?

SETH: Hairy Jon, the Wayward Gnome
We’ll have peas when you get home

MARISSA: This is the theme song to the upcoming film, The Hobbit, right?

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