A Love Note to My Self on My Birthday




Well, first off… Happy Birthday! You’re 29 (Yes, you are. I just had to use a calculator to figure it out. I guess you stopped counting after 21.) and you are so close to your moving day I’m sure that you’re probably freaking out.


So… I just wanted to remind you of a few things, because you tend to get really sad around your birthday.


  1. You’re not invisible: You spent a lot of your childhood sad about feeling like you were always overlooked for the pretty girl (and it still happens more than you’d like it to). Whenever you feel that way, you neglect the people that have been there all along for you. You’re lucky that they understand this part of you. Besides, you’re NOT invisible. You’re oblivious. Remember all of those times your friends pointed out that the person you had just left had been hitting on you?
  2. You’re not the person that you were: That’s not a bad thing at all. You were kind of a shithead. Remember when you were so lost that you thought you would never get out of the labyrinth of your own creation? You got out of it and you have the scars to prove it. It would have been easier to have used a chainsaw to get out of it instead of pruning shears, but you had to summon a strength that you didn’t know you had.
  3. Never stop singing: It makes you so happy, even though it makes you no money. In fact, you do a lot of things you love that make you no money (like this website).
  4. You managed to pare down your life into less than eleven boxes. Considering the fact that you can’t throw things away, that’s pretty fucking stellar.
  5. Baby Monkey Riding Backwards on a Pig: I know you’re singing it right now. You. Are. Welcome.


I’m sure there are more things I would like to say to you on your birthday, but well… We’re the same person (even if I’m just a part of your past).


I’m proud of you.


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