TV Show Pitches: Weed, Mischief, and Gary Busey

The Blazing Race:

Basically it’s The Amazing Race: Stoner Edition. Essentially, there are five sets of three person groups and they are given a bunch of pot that they MUST smoke. After the first one, they are blindfolded and then brought to random places. Ideally, they would have goals.

“Today, our stoners are in a theme park. They must ride all of the rides, get a joint from a person at the end of each one, and smoke it before moving on to the next one. They also need to find their way out of the park before closing. What they didn’t know was that all of the ‘You Are Here’ stickers were removed and placed incorrectly on the maps.”

“Today, our stoners are in the WORLD’S LARGEST CORN MAZE! They have to find four clam bake tents and take a multiple choice test as celebrity stoners bake up. When they complete the test, they have a card that must be stamped with the letter stamp at each tent and spell out ‘MAZE’ before trying to get out of the labyrinth.”


I have about ten friends I want to do this with. I don’t smoke, so I’d be the host.



Supermarket Sweep: Hyperreality show

I want to wear a blue sweatshirt with the number 1 on it with a friend matching, and have two more pairs of friends in the red twos and the yellow threes. Then we go into an unsuspecting supermarket and we start the clock.

I would love to do this, but I also do not want to be arrested.



Gary Busey: Time Traveler
Think Doctor Who with no script. Also, I think Gary Busey thinks he has the ability of time travel anyway, so I could just be his copilot saying “Yeah, we’re totally in Russia in the 1870s. Let’s bring Rasputin’s parents a Diaper Genie.”

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