Is diesel just concentrated gasoline?

Occasionally I email myself things in the morning. They range from incoherent babbles when I am half asleep to one liners that make me laugh. This morning I got into work and opened my email and had the following message from myself.

“Diesel is just gasoline syrup, right?”

This morning I was so tired at the gas station. Waking up is always strange for me, and anyone that has slept in the same room as me can attest that I am both entertaining and make weird noises. Last night I had a dream that I woke up at work and someone was doing my job. They started yelling at me for falling asleep on the job and I was very confused as I was lying in an ornate mahogany bed with a lush red brocade duvet on me.

Anyways, I almost pumped diesel into my hybrid this morning. I had slid in my credit card and had put the nozzle into my gas tank before I realized it was green. I didn’t put any in, because I didn’t know what it would do. Initially I thought “Diesel is just more syrupy, so if I filled the car ¾ of the way and then add a bunch of water I would actually save money in the process.

I don’t know how accurate that is, so my brain said no and then forced me to cancel that transaction and start a new one at the pump.

I wonder how many people have ever tried it.

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  1. It’s an amusing thought, but it wouldn’t work for several reasons. your car is new enough to not be able to fit the diesel nozzle in it enough to actually pump the gas (they’re designed that way) and a gas engine can’t use diesel,even if you put water in it it would just separate from the fuel, not dilute it. so basically if you managed to get diesel and water into the tank, you’d just have to drain it all back out again and replace it with regular gas to get your car to work.
    The fundamental premise, that diesel is syrupy gasoline isn’t true. they’re pretty different.
    However, as to how many people have tried it, all sleepy in the morning, probably a fair number at least before they changed the nozzles to not fit in modern cars.

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