Does anyone else ever think about past crushes?

When I was younger, I worked at a movie rental store with a guy and often times we had shifts that coincided.

It was because of him that I formed an appreciation for the movies Little Shop of Horrors, Nightmare Before Christmas, and My Blue Heaven. We would shuffle through our work and help the occasional customer while dueting with Audrey II, Seymour, and the Ronettes. We would each take on Lock, Shock or Barrel’s dialogue and shake our asses and overexaggerate our movements for Oogey Boogey. He led me through the store like Rick Moranis and Steve Martin did with those ladies (even though he was supposed to be lying low, what with being a snitch and all).

He was (is?) a special effects makeup artist and I found myself completely amazed at his artistic abilities. I watch Face/Off in the hopes that one day he’ll be on it. We had even talked about creating an incredibly terrifying Haunted House and had started laying out the details of making it happen when he had to move to Pennsylvania (or something).

In case you couldn’t tell, we lost touch… and I was kinda crazy about him. Not crazy like watch-him-through-the-windows crazy. Every year around his birthday (May 5th) I wonder what he’s up to and whether or not he’s on any of the social media sites. I remember he and I chatted very rarely on MySpace, but that in itself is an indication as to how long it’s been since we last spoke.

So much has changed in my life in such a short time. It would be great to catch up with him.

Do you have any stories of people you lost touch with? Have you ever tried looking them up? Alternately, have you ever been contacted by someone you hadn’t seen in years? Was it awkward?

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  1. I did find my Jr. high – high school crush on Facebook. He seems about the same. I think I only exchanged a few messages with him. It started off with me telling him that I did have a crush on him for like 5 years. haha it was kind of off a dare that I confessed that. Good times. He’s still a good dude. I haven’t seen him in person cause I haven’t gone to the reunions our class has had. It won’t be awkward for me cause I’ll forget that I’ve told him haha.

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