Food and Fergie – The Record Club is insane.

Seth: Facts Marissa may not know: The béchamel is the easiest of the classic French mother sauces to make.
Marissa: Oh, facts I may not know is, I’m sure, a multi-volume encyclopedia. I also think it’s hilarious that you’d think I’d make French sauces in every day life. The only way I’m making those is if I take up cooking classes in the actual country. Maybe Julia Child had it right….
Seth: I am calling bullsheet on that. In fact, I am teaching you a béchamel next time you are at the house.
Ali: Isn’t he married to Fergie?
Marissa: Yeah he’s the one who dubbed her “Lady Lumps” and then cheated on her with a stripper. And fought robots…some of whom looked like Katherine Heigl
Seth: If you make an or Will.I.Ham joke you’re getting a spanking.
Josh: Don’t forget the Tabooli.

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