When advertisements fail and generalization are hysterical… There is… Record Club

Admittedly, this is making light of the dark, but who doesn’t have a morbid sense of humor?


Josh: This is one of the sh!ttiest ads I’ve ever seen. WTF?

Paul: Haha.
Obituaries, February 23, 2012
FATHER, 1945-2012
FATHER was a really wonderful person. FATHER was well liked in his community. FATHER touched so many lives and worked very hard at the GENERIC FOOD PRODUCTS FACTORY, owned by OWNER BOSS. OWNER BOSS remarked upon hearing of FATHER’S passing, “FATHER was very proficient at making the GENERIC FOOD PRODUCTS.” When he retired, FATHER spent his days playing PARLOR GAMES and LEISURE SPORTS, which he enjoyed greatly. FATHER is survived by MOTHER, DAUGHTER, SON, DAUGHTER, DAUGHTER and BROWN DOG. Services will be held at FUNERAL HOME.

Marissa: Hahahahahahhahah
by MOTHER, DAUGHTER, SON, DAUGHTER and DAUGHTER are all SAD. BROWN DOG is still looking for his bone. He doesn’t know it was buried with FATHER

Paul: GRUMPY GRUDGE HOLDING NEIGHBOR could not care less about FATHER’S death

Seth: Is this guy related to LOCAL MAN who is always in the news?

Marissa: Oh man, don’t talk about LOCAL MAN…him and FATHER did NOT get along at all. Father once tried to sell MOTORIZED SNOW REMOVAL EQUIPMENT to LOCAL MAN and LOCAL MAN never used PAPER MONEY to compensate. It was a mess

Paul: Yes, which led to ATTEMPTED HOMICIDE with SHOVEL

Seth: Fix’d
Yes, which led to CRIME with WEAPON

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