Today I Wrote

Today I wrote 1500 words. I have been sitting on this story idea for over a year and countless days of self deprecation and laziness has kept me from moving forward in the story. This was the first story that I had ever outlined completely. I thought that having all of the essential answers at the beginning would have made it easier.

In actuality, it made it harder. I kept writing and rewriting the protagonist. I cursed myself for not being able to find their voice. After all, I knew the antagonist inside and out. Wickedness and what propels it has always fascinated me. Getting into that mindset is rarely difficult for me and at some points, the darkness that I can imagine frightens me.

But I digress. Today I felt my fingers run over the keyboard and had the wonderful rush of realizing that I had busted past a self-imposed block. I didn’t stick to the skeleton that I had built. Instead I followed the character as they would have continued their day. What happened were two pages that I didn’t intend on writing, but it felt fantastic.

Sometimes, you have to embrace some of the minutia of your character’s day to help better understand what they will do after something cataclysmic.

No, I didn’t write a lot, but two pages of new material came out of me today. I’m going to call that a win.

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