The Record Club is a Bunch of Broken Geniuses.

As much fun as the Record Club is when I am at work, they add me into the emails during my vacation time as well.

I have NO IDEA what brought this conversation about, but it made me laugh so I’m sharing it with you.

Seth: I lost count of the times I yelled “Fck YOU old man!” in high school.
Josh: You actually said “old man”? I thought that was just in movies.
Seth: We watched a lot of movies in the late 80s. They raised us. Don’t stand there in your He-Man panties and judge me, chief. We called people ‘chief” and “buddy” in the 80s too.
Josh: It’s 2012, Brogan. Get with the times.
Paul: Whatever, Brahman
Josh: Stay out of this, Senator Bro McCarthy.
Seth: That was a lame one, Bronan the Brobarian.
Josh: Brojecting…

Josh: I can’t beat that.

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