RC: Florence + the Machine – Lungs


Record Club: Florence + the Machine – Lungs



I’ve heard a few of their songs before.



Dog Days Are Over – It is continual proof that I enjoy repetitive hand clapping in songs.

Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) – It sounds like Imogen Heap, Annie Lenox and a less-Bjorky Bjork got together to sing over a Laurie Anderson experiment.

I’m Not Calling You a Liar – Did Missy Higgins and Ingrid Michaelson have a baby?

Howl – The synth in the background makes me long for a shiny satin jacket and the caterwauling ofFlorence reminds me that Fiona Apple’s monthly sandwich should be administered soon. .

Kiss With a Fist – Kimya Dawson and Melanie join the Runaways! Come one, come all!

Girl With One Eye – Oh how I wish Imelda May was singing this. The lazy rockabilly strumming behind it would be amazing with that Irish lasses voice instead of Beaker from the Muppet show articulating.

Drumming Song – Not enough drumming. False advertising.

Between Two Lungs – A beginner tap class favorite! I do dig the heartbeat feel to the percussion until it starts to introduce the tambourine. That is what we in the medical field would call “atrial flutter/fibrillation”. GRAB THE PADDLES!

Cosmic Love – If it hasn’t been on a CW show yet… It’s going to be.

My Boy Builds Coffins – It has a Natalie Merchant feel if she was being directed by Colin Hay (Men at Work).

Hurricane Drink – This sounds like a soundtrack song for an early 90s Sarah Jessica Parker quirky romantic comedy or a mid 90s song for a Sarah Michelle Gellar film. I think that single three named Sarahs have decided that this is their anthem. Actually, as I listen to the lyrics and it’s talking about “drinking yourself to death”… Wow. I misshot that one.

Blinding – Opening a song with a bunch of guitar plucking makes me really nervous. I guess it’s an odd sense of dread brought upon but the simple plucking of string instruments in horror movies that make me want to immediately attack someone that is approaching me. That is why there must not be a harp if I am in a wedding. It’s in my bridesmaid rider. 

You’ve Got The Love – A little Adele “Right As Rain” bounce to the opener. Honestly? I’m tired of her voice now. I need to stop this and then try to listen to this song after I’ve had a bit of a breather.


After Listening:

I’ve pretty much decided that Florence has such a distinctive voice I initially didn’t know if she’d be anything without the Machine. After the album I think she sounds like the singer from the Cranberries collaborating with Polyphonic Spree. Thank all that is holy that the songs aren’t the length of the PS albums. It is very reminiscent of all of these squeaky “faux-feminist” artists now – Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, Sarah Bareilles, Tori Amos, Missy Higgins, the chick from A Fine Frenzy, Jewel… I cannot believe that this does it for me. I think it might be the hidden angry, bitter, jaded chick deep inside of me that is cynical but also carries this hope that there is someone on a white horse ready to fight dragons… I hate that b***h.


I think the saddest part is that I feel cheap for making fun of this when I completely dig most of the harmonies and melodies…


Favorite track/tracks:

Dog Days Are Over

Kiss With a Fist


Least favorite track/tracks:

Girl With One Eye – I really would love this if it was covered by someone else. Like me.


Overall (1-5 stars):   4


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