RC: The Kinks – Give the People What They Want


Record Club: The Kinks – Give the People What They Want



I probably should be listening to these albums, right? They did Lola? Although, I actually enjoy the Weird Al version a little better, what with it being about a wrinkled green teacher of jedi mastery. I think I confuse them with the band that sings “The Village Green Preservation Society”… No wait… That is them.


After Listening:

I was moderately surprised at how fun the songs were. Granted, the only two songs I knew of theirs were pretty yawny. I like them anyways. Oh goodness they sound perfectly British in “Art Lover”. PERFECTLY! Also… “Flasher in a raincoat” and “dirty old man” are some possible subtitles for my Jon Waters biography.


Favorite track/tracks:

Around the Dial – Not  a super big fan of the radio dial switching in the beginning and the chorus sounds like something I have heard before either being sung by the Violent Femmes or Flaming Lips. Still, it has a 80s High School movie montage feel to it. If I were an idiot, I would make a fan vid of it for that Christian Slater classic Pump Up The Volume. I always wanted to be Samantha Mathis… until Little Women (YES. I even wanted to be her in Super Mario Bros).

Destroyer – It’s got a “Hello… I love you won’t you tell me your name” kind of feel that I super dig.  


Least favorite track/tracks:

Killer’s Eyes – I think I stopped paying attention to this song as it was playing. But it kind of made me think about how Samantha Mathis was in American Psycho.

Back to Front – “Hey, I’m the writer of this song. I’m going to rhyme a bunch of things at a slow pace to make this sound like a kids playground tease and then kill you with some sweet guitar licks.” ß In my brain, this dude has a nerd lisp.



Overall (1-5 stars):  4.5


Extra Credit: Watch Ferngully… Samantha Mathis.


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