RC: Noisettes – Wild Young Hearts


Record Club: Noisettes – Wild Young Hearts



Well… This was one of my picks, actually. It’s amazing. I actually found this band because they did a cover of the Killers – When You Were Young for Liquid Lounge. I then figured out that the woman’s voice was like Adele, Duffy, and Eartha Kitt were spliced together. Also? She has hair that is weird and I preliminary judge an album like it’s art. GARY OLDMAN DRACULA hair on the front cover? Um… Hello? Awesome.


I’m probably going to get some teasing for my ability to enjoy dance beats with ridiculous cowbell breaks, but frankly… I’ve known Seth long enough to know that he knows I’m a bit… off. Marissa was probably bouncing along to the music anyways.


I love music. Anything I can get my hands on (typically).


After Listening:

I don’t actually listen to all of this CD on a regular basis. I have a few go to songs when I decide it’s Noisettes time. I forgot how much I really enjoy this album in its entirety.


Favorite track/tracks:

Saturday Night – Any song that within 20 seconds uses the word “Shenanigans” is always right in my book.

Atticus – It sounds like a folky children’s song, but the lyrics are incredibly dark.


Least favorite track/tracks:



Overall (1-5 stars):  5! BOOSH!


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