Just Say You’re Fucking Sorry!

Is it so difficult to apologize to someone you don’t know?

Today at work I took the verbal lashing of a lifetime from this woman and let her just go to town on my ears for about fifteen minutes. During her tirade, I looked into the reason for her calling. As I searched for the issue I listened as she called me completely incompetent and that we are the worst company in the history of companies. She was hellbent on telling me that I was supposed to complete something today.

After she petered out I jumped in and informed her that when I spoke with someone there yesterday, I informed them that we wouldn’t be able to do it today but we would do it tomorrow and they okayed that.

She said “Oh” and hung up.

Had she apologized for spending a significant part of my morning attempting to make me feel like a lesser being, it is possible that I wouldn’t still be angry about it. It is absolutely infuriating that someone would take out all of their frustration on you and when you politely point out their error, they don’t even acknowledge their mistake.

I don’t care how horrible your day is. I don’t care what it is that you deal with on a daily basis. I don’t even care if you were being corndogged as you were yelling on the phone. There are ways of talking to people. I don’t make enough money to be yelled at. Taking verbal abuse is not a part of my job description.

Ruining someone else’s day is like anger herpes. You give it to someone, they pass it on and so forth. Eventually this entire profession is plagued with burning, tingling and itching. Maybe someone goes home and beats their wife. Maybe someone goes home and drinks themself into oblivion.

Stress can’t be completely prevented, but it can be far less damaging if people remembered that they are talking to a person.

Also? If I have already answered a question to the person that asked it and I get calls from two people about it, I want to set the building on fire. I call this the “Office Space” effect.

So to sum up: Always apologize for yelling, regardless of whether or not you mean it. It could prevent someone visiting your place of employment with a firearm.

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  1. This is why I read http://www.notalwaysright.com every day. Any why I turned down the chance to get a high-paying job at a call centre. There was no way I was going to be able to put up with being yelled at like that (in two languages even), good on you for being able to stay calm. I told my mum I wouldn’t last long at that job, I’d end up in jail for having gone in at night and dismantling all the phones down to the screws so that NO ONE WILL EVER PHONE ME AGAIN MWAHAHAHAHA.
    Anger Herpes – yes.

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