Inappropriate Emails: Teabagging Boston.

Ali: Today’s Random Thought – I believe that our debt crisis would have never existed had we just embraced the custom of drinking tea. Way to suck, Boston.
Marissa: I’m not surprised at Boston sucking. I’m sure that rebellion seemed all well and good at the time, but seeing as I’m one who probably would have sided with the Mother Country, it does all seem slightly childish now. Although, the Queen has her own debt issues. Only two things are certain: I would LOVE to have scones & tea in the afternoon and our money would have been prettier.
Ali: and? … British babies.
Marissa: I can’t believe I overlooked this aspect. The importance of this should never be overlooked.
Ali: If it makes you feel any better, I think my brain has exploded due to the ad I just saw for D&G “light blue” cologne. Please tell me you’ve seen it.
Marissa: Are they on a boat in the Mediterranean or is that all of the ads?
Ali: The man? Yes, yes he is. And he is wearing a white… teabag I guess is the only appropriate description. It makes me regret my earlier random thought.

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