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STOP telling me who I can and cannot mourn.

Yes, there were hundreds of people that lost their lives in the same week as Amy Winehouse. Telling me to curb my sadness makes you the villain.

I grieve on a daily basis for those that are not here anymore.
I grieve for those that have laid their lives on the line.
I grieve for those that left too soon, by their own hand or someone else’s.
I grieve for those that die before they ever truly lived.
I grieve for those that are given the diagnosis that no person, no family, and no friend wants to receive.
I grieve… because I can and they cannot.

So you do not have the right to attempt to invalidate my feelings of grief, especially in a reposting of something that you didn’t even research. Listing a bunch of names and ages that you didn’t know to begin with is pandering.

Yes, there are so many that lay their lives on the line for the sake of our freedom and our protection. I hope that those names on this facebook repost frenzy are valid. Because if they aren’t… If they are fiction, if they were something originally posted by someone who just wanted to make someone feel terrible for mourning, they have lessened the deaths of soldiers all over the world who are sacrificing themselves for us, not for glory.

So yeah. Repost if you agr- Ugh. I can’t even stomach writing that.


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