Special Announcement!

I had mentioned a little while ago that I had some super secret project that I was working on. I teased that I would get it out to you on my birthday. Well… It’s almost ready, but not completely.

So here is the official announcement, even though you will have to wait just a bit longer for it to come to fruition.

I have been working on a scripted podcast. The first episode will be up as soon as I can possibly get it there (and I will definitely cross announce it over my many Twitter accounts, facebook pages, and other outlets. I’ll also let you know when it is up by posting here).

But Ali, what is it going to be about?


Two superheroes actually. Married superheroes that are not doing too well in their relationship.

I am going to try to have a look time frame where the episodes are posted monthly, but it’s not currently paying so if you enjoy it, please have patience.

In the meantime, a site has been opened for the podcast and although it is empty at the moment, it will grow. Please feel free to bookmark or add it to your RSS reader. Within the next few days I will have an iTunes link available for you to subscribe to it. Also, there will be a facebook page that I would be super stoked if you’d like it.



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