Drunk on a Tuesday

I have been inspired as of late. I also like writing things.
Okay so a few minutes ago I posted a status up on Twitter admitting that I was drunk on a Tuesday and considering writing a blog post. I asked what I should write about.

No one really helped. I had a few really funny replies and a few people wanted me to write about them. I was looking for a broader subject like “Things that shouldn’t be taxidermied” or “If you had a choice between making a bunch of money and doing something you loved which would you chose?”

None of the replies really brought me insight into the essence of humanity, unless humanity is meant to be narcissistic.

So I’m going to talk about narcissism. Because I really like that word. Personally, I’m not narcissistic, I’m just really pretty.

I think that the ability to discern true attractiveness varies from person to person. That is what makes humanity so great. It’s like having some dude that is missing an eye. Not everyone is attracted to an ocular cavity, but I think there has to be someone that is.

Is it weird that I still have the hope that everyone has at least a dozen people they are compatible with? I don’t know. I find that I’m attracted to those that I really don’t have a chance with. It’s not that I’m not attractive. As I have said, I am attractive to me. I think that a part of me looks for someone that cannot be invested in me. It’s a lot simpler than finding someone that would be invested in me.

I tend to forget about romantic relationships. I feel kind of bad that in previous relationships I have not been as invested as I should be. I think that a part of me cut out when I realized that there was no hope in getting some of my life goals completed. There were other issues, definitely… But here is what I’d eventually like.

I want to have a child someday. It’s not that I want to pass on my last name or my DNA. Let’s face it, diabetes and lung cancer are probably not genetical traits that are appreciated when inherited.

I cannot put my finger on why I want to have a child. I’m young at heart and I fully enjoy that I can do what I want when I want it. Even though there seems to be some sort of encouragement in my heritage to poop out a child, I think it would be great to have a half version of me that I can give advice to.

If I were to give advice as a legacy, I might give these nuggets of wisdom.
1. If you miss someone, it is okay to cry. Not only does it honor the memory, it is a great release of endorphins.
2. Don’t let gender limit you. If you find someone that you love and that loves you back, don’t let anyone tell you that it’s wrong.
3. People spend their entire lives searching for their own brand of Hollywood romance. It DOESN’T EXIST. Instead, understand that romance is all in the eye of the beholder. If someone brings you lunch when you’re working because they knew you forgot food and wanted to spend some time with you that is so much more powerful than a prince telling you that he wants his servants to take the finest care of you.
4. No matter how cool you think you are, it is always humbling to assume that there is someone cooler than you. I’m not trying to create a complex in this person. I mean that if you believe you are of the highest echelon, you expect a lot more.
5. No success is a success until you have a failure to compare it to. There are a lot of times in life that you are going to be told you cannot do something, or that your passion is not quite what someone is looking for. With the volume of beating hearts on the planet, one can assume that there is at least one other person that appreciates the efforts that you have made.
6. I don’t think that you can truly appreciate happiness until you’ve experienced sadness. I believe that the human mind is built to compare the life lessons that you have learned. If you haven’t learned anything… well, you probably have a Chihuahua in a designer bag. Life is all about surpassing the struggle.

Wow. Deep thoughts from drunkenness. You’re welcome internet.

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