Boston 2: Electric Boogaloo – SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! I even read it for you too!

Nancy and I ended up back at Leah’s for the night. It was good that we were all exhausted because I was getting to the 24 hour mark with no sleep. Of course, being a light sleeper and an insomniac, I stretched out on the air mattress and stared at the ceiling for a little while. By the time I realized that Nancy had already fallen asleep, I found myself drifting into oblivion.

I woke up several times during the night (like I always do) and tried to pace it out, but instead played a game of “find the squeaky floorboard and avoid it at all costs”. I was able to get a few more thirty minute segments of sleep until about eight and then decided to turn my phone on silent and go through my facebook and twitter feeds. I thought “Hey, I’m up so I might as well send Leah a friend request.” I clicked the add button and not ten seconds later I heard the sound of a smartphone vibrating on a wooden desk. Yep. Great job letting everyone sleep, Ali.

A couple of hours later, the girls were up and we were chatting. Chris got ahold of us and asked us where we wanted to meet. We agreed to meet over at Zaftig’s for brunch and arrived around 12:30. We met up with Chris, Ryan, Casey, Laura, Richard, and the three of us. There was an hour wait so we putzed around through a local comic shop before heading back and finding out that the hour would be longer than 60 minutes. Improbable and inconcievable, no?

We scrapped that place and headed to a Crepe place where we gorged ourselves on deliciousness. We then went somewhere else for coffee and walkies. We continued to be led through the MIT area and ended up at a theatre to take in a showing of Super. Leah had to cut out, so we said our goodbyes and hugged like we’d known each other forever because it kind of felt like we had.

We were there an hour early, so Richard ran the Leonard Maltin game (which was so much fun!) and I taught them the Movie Plot Mashup Game that Slack introduced me to.

What is the Movie Plot Mashup Game? It’s like “Build a Title” except you merge two movie titles together and then create one plot out of the two. You tell everyone the plot and they have to figure out the title of your movie hybrid.

Example: “As a tortured man hangs on a cross, he thinks about his childhood, and how all he wanted was an air rifle for his birthday.”
This movie would be called “The Passion of the Christmas Story”

We watched Super (and I laughed like a bastard during one scene that resulted in everyone cracking up at me because I’m inappropriate) and it was great. It was a dark comedy that ran the emotional gamut for Rainn Wilson. That is pretty much all I will say about it so as to not spoil it for anyone. Definitely not a kids movie.

After the movie I planned to leave, but I didn’t want to so I headed to Jamaica Plain with everyone to meet up with Bonnie and Sam. We seriously could not stop playing the Movie Plot Mashup Game. It should actually be called “Okay, I’ve Got One” because those words were uttered SO MUCH.

Upon arrival in JP, we found an Indian restaurant where we shared dinner and inappropriate stories. These are totally my kind of people. After dinner, there was icecream eaten and Nancy and I had to cut out to grab the T back to where our cars were.

After Nancy got off for the Red Line, these two drunk girls got on the T and one was talking about “stabbing that dumb bitch in the face tomorrow” while the other nodded emphatically and stated “oh hell yeah, she’s totally gettin’ hers”. At one point one of them started talking about their Smith and Wesson and I was thankful when I reached Haymarket. I get up to leave and the girl says “Hey! Hey you! HEY! … Thatsha turtle! Where joo geddit?”. I smiled, thanked her, and told her where I got it as I left. It just goes to show that even the most violent people can enjoy a touch of whimsy.

Let it just be said that the Green Line is the shittiest shit that ever shat out of shittown. It took me a half an hour before I just said “Fuck it” and grabbed the next train. It took me close enough to Fenway that I had 3/4 of a mile to walk to my car. Being the lazy person I am, I had every intention of taking a cab to my car, but the Fenway game had just gotten out so their was a mass exodus of Fenway fucks yoinking all of the cabs on Brookline Ave. So it was a nice walk through light rain. I hopped into my car, drove home, got about a half hour of sleep then headed to work LIKE THE GODDAMNED ROCKSTAR I AM.

And that is the conclusion of my strawberry jam packed weekend o’fun!

As for the Nerdy Dozen that I met this weekend, you guys are my burrito. I thoroughly enjoyed the fuck out of it too.


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