D&D Recap in Limerick Form!

For a bunch of years we played D&D every Sunday night. My character was a bard, and when I wrote a recap of the adventure I would write them in limerick form.

I found these in a random journal and couldn’t stop laughing… The players were Jon, Tim, Mel, Gennaro, Patrick and myself.

A Dark and Stormy Knight
We journeyed across Elsir Vale
but stopped due to boulder sized hail.
When we hid inside
we found Darkling Stride
and all of us went to the jail

Meenlock Prison
The prison was chock full o’ scary
The wine helped a bit (but just barely)
Oben there joined the crew
Nyla wanted him to
Dark and I pilfered fermented berries

Wizard’s Amulet
We visited with the Trelains
on return they were not quite the same
Vortigern slew them
then he renewed them
but they wanted to gnaw on our brains.

Vortigern’s Execution
We witnessed Vortigern’s execution
His hanging was thought the solution
Not to our elation
a reanimation
had us wading knee deep in pollution

The Whispering Woodwind
After the boat fire hit
We followed my dad for a bit
Caught up with Contel,
he gave me a spell
in a flute, though I cannot play it

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