Have You Met @Wilw? Neither Have I But I Want a Hug.

I should preface this entire post by telling you that I’ve been drinking. There will be many tangents. That… is because I love them.

I may lose some nerd cred here, but let me tell you something. Something deep, dark and secrety. I have never seen a full episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Somewhere, a Patrick is crying. Hateful tears tinged with the slightest hint of bourbon.

Yes, it is (apparently) sad but true. Typically the time I get to sit down and watch TNG the dulcet tones of Sir Patrick Stewart and that other guy lull me into such a state of relaxation I narcoleptically watch the episode. I think in one episode there were people living on a planet that wasn’t really a planet and they weren’t really people and I just realized how crazy either my brain is or the episode. Apparently everything was okay in the end because there was another episode.

But I digress. Honestly, I knew who Wil Wheaton was, but I couldn’t put my finger on HOW I knew him.

I have been a big fan of Leverage since its inception. During an episode where a rival gang is trying to perform a con on the same sucker that team Leverage is, I actually stood up and pointed to my screen screaming “I know that guy! I love that guy! Who IS that guy?” I knew that I had seen him before but I couldn’t place where. Even though I had my phone in my hand I was far too lazy (read: drunk) to look it up. Besides, it’s far less satisfying to have someone tell you something that you know your brain should know. I like brain teasers that make me want to stab something in my peripheral. Just kidding Wil (if you ever read this). I don’t stab anything except myself, and that resulted in a ridiculous story.

Anyways, a little while later I was treating myself to a marathon of The Big Bang Theory on my DVR (also known as “I have a whole evening to myself and no one else has the remote”) and I saw Wil’s evil twin… EVIL WIL WHEATON! As the Snidely Whiplash to Sheldon’s Dudley Do-Right, Wheaton SCHOOLED the Cooper.

I apparently scream at my television a lot. My upstairs neighbor hates me. I blame the water, not the decibel of my voice. It’s just harsh water man, now let me scream at Penny… bitch. I need to stop drinking when I write these. Or I need to continue to write drunken blogs.

Oh yeah. screaming at the TV. So I holler “that’s motherfucking CHAOS!” to which Patrick said “Uh… that’s Wesley Crusher you whore.” to which I replied “how did you get in here?”

Crap. I’m going to actually step away and continue in a few. I need a slight break.

Okay I’m back. So finally I realized that the person that I was looking at was someone I had known at some point. Wil Wheaton was in stand By Me. Actually, I don’t remember that movie. I saw that movie when I was younger, but at 28 I can tell you it was about kids going to see a dead body. I think there was a train.

I know that sometimes Wil feels like he is constantly being compared to the yound Wil that is found in tangible format in TNG and Stand By Me and Toy Soldiers.

Wil, I don’t know if this will please you… But I don’t know you that way. I could blame the alcohol or the drugs or the depression… You know what.. I WILL blame them. Stupid self involved stuff.

I know you as the snarky hacker in Leverage. I know you as the diabolical ringleader in the Guild. I know you as the Evil you that thwarts Sheldon in the most miniscule ways.

I also know the you that you blog about. The soothing voice of the Radio Free Burrito. The tabletop game enthusiast. The blogging stepdad. The “stupid mini youtube clip man”. The man who is married to his best friend.

I have found that your blog provides insight into experiences that I could barely fathom, be it the boredom that is experienced on a set when you aren’t needed and you are in an area that isn’t your home and when one of your sons does something that you find heartwarming/inspiring. I read posts that are insights into who you truly are as a person.

Thank you. Wil, it is so easy for someone to say something and actually feel something completely different. Your blog is, in a sense, a naked version of both vulnerability, excitement, and awe at the life that you lead. You are proof positive that if you embrace who you are, there is an army of those that feel the same way you do.

Recently my worlds collided with your visit to the Nerdcastle with Hardwick, Ray, and Mira. I found that the conversations that were held and the opinions explored were riveting. I LOVE hearing stories from other people’s lives.

The banter between Hardwick and yourself made me realize that I have a million stories to tell. It’s hard for me to determine what is a topic that someone wants to hear about and what is just considered normal. I think that with the discussions that you and Chris had, you were both frank, open and honest.

I didn’t experience a childhood like yours. I doubt many have. The fact that you and your parents tried to keep a sense of normalcy is remarkable.

Even more recently, the Bloggess posted an open letter to you asking for a picture of you collating papers which you happily provided. God, the internet is amazing. Within the span of thirty minutes there was a request for a picture of you collating papers and a FRIGGIN picture of you collating papers. I’m going to call it crazawesomspectaculous. There are no words, so I Figured I’d make a mashup.

Are you still reading Wil? Goodness you’re a trooper. Thank you for that.

I’m a table top RPGer and when you posted about your gaming group with friends that you don’t often get to see, my first response was “WHY NOT ME?!?!”

I’m a tabletop RPGer. I’m strongest in the WhiteWolf genre, and have played through the HERO system, but I have found that I can work my way through D&D and love every minute of it. Sadly, I am Chaotic Neutral at best… Some might consider it a personality flaw. I consider it a genetic enhancement that makes me awesome. I always cheer for the underdog or the anti-hero. If you throw someone at me that’s uber pious, I tend to want to change that person’s alignment.

I love hearing your stories of gaming with your friends. I have quotes that make me giggle too.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I truly enjoy the you that you are right now. Nerds are everywhere and we’re the smart ones that know how to use the internet therefore… Nerd niche = internet WINS.

Please keep blogging.

Oh and for those of you that are reading that aren’t Wil Wheaton… HOW DARE YOU?!?! Just kidding.

Please check out his blog and buy his books. He’s doing now what I hope to do someday in the future.

Wil… Thanks for setting the bar so friggin high. If I get to a Con that you’re at, I want to game. And a hug.

* I don’t have links for this post because I’m lazy (read: drunk)

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  1. i have met wil! 1995 ice skating at the pasadena ice skating rink 🙂 he went to crescenta valley high school with a bunch of friends of mine that i did gymnastics with and we all went skating. i remember he was wearing an LA Kings hat. woot!

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