@thebloggess carries much love… along with a trashbag of human remains

Since I have been all sorts of absent on my blog, I figured I would introduce you to some blogs that I totally adore. First up! THE BLOGGESS!

To tell you a little bit about Jenny… Uh… I’ll let her do it herself from her website bio.

About Jenny: Jenny is a columnist and blogger. Her personal blog (www.thebloggess.com) is extremely popular, averaging close to half a million page views a month. She’s been a regular contributor to the online Houston Chronicle since 2006 and also writes a popular advice column, a parenting blog and a satirical sex column. She was recognized by the Nielsen ratings as one of the Top 50 Most Powerful Mom Bloggers, who named her part of the Power Pack. She’s been featured on Gawker, Salon.com, Mashable, Babble, The London Times, The Washington Post, and a Houston Press cover story recently called her “a local – if not national – treasure”. MSNBC calls her an “internet rockstar” and Forbes listed thebloggess.com as one of their Top 100 Websites for Women. She was Marie Claire magazine’s inaugural “Blog Crush of the Week”, a finalist in the 2010 Weblog awards for Best Writing and Most Humorous Writer, has won Social Luxe’s “Most Provocative Blog” and “Most Humorous Blog” award. She was recently named The Huffington Posts’s Greatest Person of the Day and has fooled many people into thinking she’s very important. She is a sought-after speaker, and has around 80,000 twitter followers, including Ellen DeGeneres, the Today Show, Barack Obama and many more. She’s contributed to a number of books and magazines and has an upcoming book that will be published through Amy Einhorn’s imprint. Jenny has an extremely diverse audience. According to Alexa analytics, she is especially popular with moms between the age of 25-45 who are college graduates and who are accessing the blog from home.

With posts like I’m looking for a cat named “Bob Barker”, UPDATED: Cats Eat Babies. Apparently, or And then I met Neil Gaiman, I am pretty sure we were twins separated at birth that look nothing alike and have different parents. TWINS!

She used to also get a bunch of crazy letters from a lovely woman named Nancy, that not only make me think of a homeless man on the subway ON PERCOCET with a laptop that is actually not homeless but quite wealthy, they make me think that she should have had a book deal. Sadly, Nancy passed on in October, leaving one last letter for Jenny to find last month.

Jenny seems to take everything with a grain of salt and a shot of tequila. I appreciate the stuff that she puts out into the world. Especially the stuff in her Zazzle store , especially the mommy cards that she has created. If ever I have a child, I’m getting a gross of this one

So go visit the pink, black, and white blog. DO IT!

I’d tell you that I’d cry if you didn’t, but I cannot dictate what you do with your life.

I can tell you, however, that my mother truly enjoys me reading the posts to her (Especially about Bob Barker who was then assumed to be Anderson Cooper who then grew into Ferris Mewler). She MIGHT cry if you don’t read Jenny’s blog. REAL TEARS! Granted, she might not know if she’s actually doing it but WHY are you breaking my mother’s heart? It hurts me to watch this guys. Seriously. I mean, look at this face!

For just one click a day, you can make my mother happy.

GAH! All this Baziak guilt! Steep in it! Steep!

I want tea.

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