Daily Writing: Maroon

10/25/10 – Monday Topic: Maroon
10/27/10 2:30pm
Maroon banners waving from the bleachers, pompoms sparkling against the spotlight, people cheering… It was then when Rita decided she wasn’t going to like high school. It was the first pep rally in her first semester of her first actual school. She saw the cliques all around her. Girls that had known each other through previous academic years. Boys laughing and joking with each other.
She was in a crowd of thousands and felt so incredibly alone. Her mother had noted her obsession with talking with people over the internet and insisted that she immerse herself in social situations. She was afraid that she had raised a child who was afraid of leaving the house. It wasn’t that she was afraid of leaving the house. She just didn’t understand why she had to go outside when all of her friends were in her computer.
Her jaw dropped when a boy clad in a uniform stopped in front of her, his shaggy blonde hair swinging in front of his eyes.
“I know you,” he said quickly. “How do I know you?”
“I’m new,” she said, dumbfounded. She realized that she had that bit of familiarity as well. She knew this boy but couldn’t place the face. Maybe they had bumped into each other when she was out buying clothing for school. She could no longer wear pajamas to class, so she practically got a brand new wardrobe. Her mother even insisted she get a hair cut.
“Holycrap!” The boy exclaimed. “You’re the girl with the video blog!”
2:40pm (boo ran out of time!)

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