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10/22/10 – Friday Topic: Picture – Lighthouse – red barn in front
I bought the lighthouse on a whim. I was tired of being at the beck and call of every damn person in the world. My cell phone, my home, my television, and even my car were built to allow for people to contact me. There was no way I was ever going to finish my dissection of Dante’s Divine Comedy. Yes, I know there have been plenty of people that have looked for hidden meaning in the written word of the past, but something in that story just tugged at me. There was a deeper meaning and maybe even the most truthful account of hell that were I not to look into it, it would continue to be consumed by highschool students.
As a denominational outcast, I have had dozens of people approaching me and telling me I’m going to hell. Being disowned by your family and the religion that you were raised in hurts. But I’ve always been an advocate for truth. If I was unable to be true to myself there was something inherently wrong with me. Walking the walk in this instance was just as important as talking the talk.
The dying old woman that I bought the lighthouse from was a widower whose family had a history of gross misfortune. Her great grandfather had been lost at sea, her grandfather leapt from the Widow’s Walk that I spent most sunsets perched upon. Even her father had been lost in a plane crash. She refused to talk about her husband.
When I bought it, I made sure that the coast was no longer a navigational hotspot. She assured me that no one had sailed in my quiet little nest of oblivion. The electricity had been updated, but the closest store was a forty five minute drive.
Imagine my chagrin when I saw a ship approaching my beach. It was followed by alarm as I noticed that water was spilling out of the sides of the massive brig that was going to beach itself if it wasn’t careful.
I watched for the twenty minutes it took for the behemoth to crash into the beach. I felt sick to my stomach as someone flew over the front of the ship and landed with a sickening thud that I could even hear three stories up. I tore into the house and grabbed my first aid kit and rushed to the beach.

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