The Blinking Light and Trying to Fix it.

Today was a twelve hour day at work. Usually I have some entertainment on my phone, but for some reason, the track ball wouldn’t roll any way except side to side. My first video was a plea for help. But luckily, I found help on the internet when I got home.

I decided to fix it myself. I’m still undecided as to whether or not this is a good idea.

Here’s the video of me fixing it (trimmed so as to not be completely boring).

This brings me to my question of the evening: Have you ever tried fixing something only to have it go disastrously wrong? What was it? What did you end up doing with it?

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  1. This is me we’re talkin about; course I’ve hurt myself severely fixing things.

    I was fixing a cabinet at the video store I worked at and had a hinge I was installing similar to this:

    It flipped back and pinched the skin between my thumb and index finger in springs, so it crab clawed my hand and you needed two working hands to fight the hinge and pull it apart. The guy I was working with thought I was joking. It hurt so bad I could only squeak “OW! HELP!” he thought I was kidding till I socked him in the stomach with my free hand and said, “GODDAMMIT HELP ME!”

    My hand was purple for a week. I think Steve was mad at me for a month for punching him so hard.

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