Keep It Hopeful or Funny

Sometimes I wonder if people really know the effect they have on others over the internet. I can flat out tell you that I don’t. If I do, I don’t know if it is positive or negative. I hope it’s positive.
Recently, I’ve been blogging around. I’ve nerdsourced with a bunch of girls who can relate to me when I accidentally spend gas money on a graphic novel set. With this new development, I find myself randomly searching through blogs on different sites. Some of the blogs I have visited, I will never visit again.
Within them lie the darkest most disturbing thoughts imaginable. Most of them are creepy inner looks into the psyche of a random person. What I have found is that when someone writes about a tragedy or self esteem issues or something like that they are searching for someone to say its okay. If you happen upon this post, yes it is okay. Everything will turn out for the best.

There is so much nasty stuff on the internet, and I’m not even talking about porn.

I’m talking about the posts about how the world would be better if you weren’t in it. Blogging is in a sense masturbatory, as you write to relieve some tension in your life. However, there needs to be an upside. There needs to be a glimmer of hope. The amount of readers you have or friends on the internet is not important if you have no hope.

Why am I promising that I will never visit those blogs again? Because what I read AFFECTS me. Because I believe someone is capable of hurting themselves. Hell, I did it when I was young.

I understand. Depression is all over the place. There are days when I am depressed, but I’d like to think that the personal posts that I’ve contributed contain a bit of levity, a glimmer of hope, or some sort of inspiration.

The only advice that I can give is that depression doesn’t go away, but you start to recognize when it’s happening. If you do not learn from your pain, you are destined to live with that pain for the rest of your life. I am definitely more realistic now than I was. I think that when I was at my worst, I created this ridiculous paranoia that everyone was out to get me. I probably did it because I wanted to feel important. Maybe I figured that if because there was someone plotting against me I had a reason for living. I had once been the naive blogger, posting all of my anguish on the screen. I try to steer away from that now.

Sifting through a continually depressing blog with no reprieve from the bad is painful. If three posts in a row are about how you hate something or how you wish you were better… You’ve lost my interest. I should probably apologize for feeling that way, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

It is not the responsibility of the collective internet to make you feel better. Yes, the internet exists for the purpose of communication. If all you communicate is the vile toxins swishing around in your grey matter, there is something wrong. Look back at your posts. Recognize that there is an issue and take action to resolve the situation. Don’t assume that someone on the internet will ride to your rescue on their shining white 8-bit Pegasus.

Whatever you write, will be read. Remember that.

Since this is a heavier type of post, I will leave you with a picture of a shark car. Originally I had google image searched “Shark on a trampoline”, but it didn’t come up with a picture.  Oh well


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