Daily Writing: Rainy Day

You know, rainy days get such a bad rep. I never understood it. I find myself more inspired when rain is falling.. On a sunny day, the sloth in me comes forth.

I guess that it stems from childhood. As a kid, I used to go out and play when the sun was out. But when it rained, it activated the part of me that needed to find something to do. Be it read, write, draw, you name it.

I find myself productive during a storm. I get the urge to clean. The urge to update my website. I managed two posts today. Possibly have a third underway. The desire to propel my writing forward makes me extremely happy.

I guess what I’m saying is that sunny days can go suck it. I am listening to the rain drip down the window and the rustling of wet leaves becoming overwhlemed with water and spilling to the ground.

I want to jump in the puddles. Then I remember that I’m 27 and I would have to clean up after myself.

Life was easier as a child.

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