Daily Writing: Pet Robot

“I’m sorry, but we have to put Fanky to sleep,” my mom said to me one day.

“But, but, whhhhyyyyyyy?” My eyes glistened with tears. On my third birthday, my parents surprised me with him. He chirped at me. I told him my deepest, darkest secrets. At eight, the idea of losing a pet that was so dear to me was dreadful.

“I’m sorry sweetie,” my mom replied. “But he’s just so old. His joints are worn down, and he moves like he’s in pain.”

“So you just want to kill him?” I stood up quickly and grabbed a pillow to bury my face in. Screaming at my house was forbidden, so I masked it the best I could.

“You know the rules Allegra.” She pointed down the hall and I sullenly dragged my feet to my room. “Say your goodbyes,” she called after me.

I slammed my door shut and Fanky sat up due to the loud noise.

“It’s okay boy,” I blubbered. “I don’t want you to go. I love you.”

I sat next to him and ran my fingers over his rusted frame. He bleeped quietly and leaned his head against mine, cooling my tear stained cheeks. I hiccuped and reached under his armpit and pushed the OFF button. The motor whirred and he jerked for a few moments as the light dimmed from his eyes.

It was always difficult losing a pet. I remember thinking how sad it was that I could no longer just update his operating system.

Goodnight Fanky. You were a good robot.

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